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IN THIS ISSUE | FEATURES 20 INTERVIEW WITH NRA PRESIDENT ALLAN CORS Mentored by men who had a passion for owning firearms and shooting, NRA President Allan Cors went on to become a Distinguished Rifleman himself. ▼ NRA President Allan Cors speaks to the crowd at the 2015 World Long Range Palma Rifle Championship Opening Ceremony. By John Parker 28 KIDS STARTING IN SHOOTING SPORTS Glen Zediker shares what he has learned first-hand about getting his own kids started in the shooting sports. By Glen Zediker 34 BUILD A WINNING HAND: ONE-HANDED ACTION SHOOTING Delivering fast and accurate hits can be tough enough with two hands, but IDPA, USPSA and ICORE often require shooters do it with just one. By Chris Christian 36 REDUCING VARIABLES IN PRONE Shooting encompasses two primary areas-technical which includes position and the integrated act of firing a shot, and mental, the thinking and focusing of your mind. By Ernest J. Vande Zande ON THE COVER NRA President Allan Cors congratulates USA Palma Team member Mark Altendorf at the awards ceremony for the 2015 World Long Range Palma Rifle Championships at Camp Perry, OH. Photo by Nathan Judd, NRA 6 FEBRUARY 2016 | SSUSA.ORG A Publication of the National Rifle Association of America Wayne R. LaPierre Executive Vice President The NRA, the foremost guardian of the traditional American right to "keep and bear arms," believes every law-abiding citizen is entitled to the ownership and legal use of firearms, and that every reputable gun owner should be an NRA member. http://www.SSUSA.ORG

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