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n COVER STORY THINK DIFFERENT sandwich can be so much more than what is between two slices of bread. For Duke's Grocery, a trendy new restaurant in Washington, D.C., it is pure artistry in motion. The simple sandwich shop - which becomes a bar at night featuring unique cocktails - is definitely different. That's no gimmick, say owners Daniel Kramer and Alex McCoy. "The key to a great restaurant is not only a solid concept, but a great philosophy behind the concept," Kramer said. "A strong philosophy is what people will sign on to, but concepts come and go. Involve your customers, give them something to feel good about and they will come back on principle alone." Sure, sandwiches are on the menu of most restaurants in some manner. But Duke's expands the palate with sandwiches that reach across the globe without losing that farm-to-market feel - think soppressata, marinated red pepper, gruyere and rocket greens on a baguette, or black pudding, scrambled eggs, chives, pickled shallot and parsley. "Your customers are not dim and the competition is intense," Kramer said. "They know what is fresh and what is not. [Housemade] product is not only more affordable to you as the owner: It also separates you as a unique establishment by offering dishes that customers cannot find anywhere else." - S.S. A brace of the three Rs of environmentalism. The company reuses by putting Nudie samples into the hands of young designers charged with crafting new creations. Nudie castoffs are recycled by cutting old jeans into strips woven into denim rugs. Millennials have been vocal about wanting to feel good about the products they purchase, and are committed to the environment. Nudie's may have just found a way to help them do both. - S.S. REPAIR, REUSE, RECYCLE favorite pair of jeans is hard enough to find. Finding a rip in those jeans - in a decidedly uncool place - can qualify as a bona fide crisis. Luckily, if it's a pair of Nudie Jeans, you're in luck. Nudie Jeans Co. opened its first Global Repair Shop in May. Located in London's trendy Soho district, it has "Denim Specialists" on hand to repair or alter jeans for free. This is just one facet of Nudie's global em- A 28 STORES January 2014 WWW.STORES.ORG http://WWW.STORES.ORG

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