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WORTH WATCHING / CONCEPT2WATCH Chicago for more than 30 years. Founders Minya and Yun Oh decided on the concept after their first daughter was born because, at that time, “there were no stores in Chicago specializing in toys that could inspire curiosity, creativity and inventiveness in children,” Minya Oh says. Each of the mall-based Galt stores has a product mix tailored to its neighborhood, and each is merchandised in a spontaneous, playful way. When customers walk in, they always see something new and different. The 10,000-sq.-ft flagship store has a service center where customers can bring products for repair. The toys for sale are sourced from all over the world; Minya does much of the buying while CPA Yun Oh handles the business details. Realizing that parents — especially first-time parents — often need help shopping for items like strollers and Galt Toys + Galt Baby car seats, Minya, Yun and their Chicago staff constantly engage in product Co-founders and owners: Minya and Yun Oh Locations: three Sparking Curiosity F amily businesses run by caring people often become beloved members of the communities they serve. That’s the case with Galt Toys + Galt Baby, a three-store specialty chain that has been selling quality toys in training to “match” customers with the right product. When she decided not return to her native South Korea, Minya Oh promised her father that she “would not just earn a living, but I would do good here. For me, that means there has to be a learning quality in the toys we sell. Safety plus learning plus creativity: When you give that to a child, you see their curiosity sparkle. And that is our main focus.” StORES — Liz Parks STORES / MAY 2011 31

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