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NUTS AND BOLTS / HUMAN RESOURCES Culture Club Software incorporates social media into scheduling, ratings and communication BY SANDY SMITH I n human resources, software can handle many tasks. Now, it may take on its most vexing issue yet: building company culture. That’s the vision of Nate DaPore, president and CEO of People­ Matter, which provides hire­to­retire software­as­a­service (SaaS) for restaurants, hospitality and retail. “We wanted to really change the way the employer and the employee interact in the workplace,” DaPore says. “We use culture as a catalyst to build a company’s brand. The system focuses on identifying those traits, developing them, engaging them and helping build the company’s brand, which leads to higher profits, sales and viral marketing of that brand.” Defining that culture is still up to the employer: PeopleMatter merely provides the “process and structure, and a vehicle to enforce and build that culture,” DaPore says. “It allows the CEO to have a distribution channel to communicate with employees and also to provide structure and metrics around that brand-building and culture.” Longer-range plans include coordinating schedules through the software, giving customers the ability to see the social media profiles of on-duty staff38 STORES / MAY 2011 ers when they enter a store. When customers “check-in” via a geolocation program such as FourSquare, they can also rate the service received by individual employees. Employers can create rewards PeopleMatter “allows us to know more based on service ratings. about the applicant before we schedule “It’s unique to the employer the interview.” who sets the game and the re— Beth Harn, Parker’s Convenience Stores wards,” DaPore says. “From the customer standpoint ...[it] system “really allows the operators to looks like a rating system of one to five quickly find good talent that’s going to based on the service that you receive. be able to further the brand and build The employer interprets that rating and the organization,” DaPore says. sets the rewards and badges in their work environment.” He calls the system Early adopters “extremely innovative and extremely Parker’s Convenience Stores, a 20powerful for furthering the mission and store chain in coastal Georgia and South the brand.” Carolina, joined PeopleMatter in late It’s also just in the testing phase. For 2010 and found it to be a “user-friendnow, PeopleMatter focuses on the hirly” system, says Beth Harn, Parker’s ing process. The applicant tracking human resources manager. WWW.STORES.ORG http://WWW.STORES.ORG

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