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n E-COMMERCE units, all pieces of the business have to think differently about the approach to reaching the customer," McNally says. Endless Shopping PacSun ensures seamless cross-channel operations by CRAIG GUILLOT P acSun, a top name in teen fashion, has more than 600 stores in 50 states and Puerto Rico. The retailer caters heavily to teens and young adults - a digitally connected demographic. To better meet the needs of its growing omnichannel presence, in 2012 PacSun shifted online operations to a cloud-based platform from Demandware. PacSun Vice President of IT Coleen McNally says it's critical that customers receive a seamless cross-channel experience. PacSun's audience of techsavvy young people want to find what they're looking for immediately and have access to it right away. Instant mobile access to product information and ordering is expected. "They have grown up with technology and expect it to be implemented in all facets of their lives," McNally says. PacSun rolled out a new omnichan- 50 STORES December 2014 nel strategy two years ago and has been executing it in stages throughout the business. McNally says the first stage was building the foundation and getting a clear understanding of customers and their psychographics through customer relationship management initiatives. PacSun then used those findings to start reinvigorating customer touchpoints, allowing the retailer to connect directly with customers through in-store points of sale and responsively designed mobile and tablet sites. Creating a stronger focus on omnichannel operations calls for changes throughout the organization. It can require a shift in marketing, logistics and even vendors who might be connecting with customers on behalf of the retailer. "We believe to truly be an omnichannel-focused company, from the technology to the traditional business 'BUY ANYWHERE, RECEIVE ANYWHERE' PacSun's new e-commerce site has several custom features along with more than a dozen third-party integrations like Visa V.Me and Gigya Social Login. The retailer worked with Lyons Consulting Group to create a more flexible site front end with improved content manageability to provide a more engaging, fun and intuitive shopping experience. The new mobile app allows customers to search for and buy PacSun products from smartphones. Customers can also view Lookbooks for key pieces and trends and scan QR codes for expanded content like coupons and behind-the-scenes videos. The ability to use mobile devices in the store to complement the shopping experience is essential, says Demandware Vice President of Industry Strategy Rob Garf. One of the most important attributes of the solution is instant real-time inventory visibility that allows customers to have a "buy anywhere, receive anywhere" experience. "Retailers need to be able to support the means to buy a product however [customers] want it and receive it wherever they want it," says Garf. "The experience should be the same however the customer engages the retailer." Demandware's system also allows retailers to manage a single customer record, including purchase history and preferences, across all touchpoints and channels. Retailers can optimize feed, copy and attributes for particular channels: Apps and mobile sites often have shortened versions of product descriptions, along with social media integration. "We've also weaved social media into the website because it's a very important aspect for our NRF.COM/STORES http://www.NRF.COM/STORES

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