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WORTH WATCHING / OUTSOURCING Portrait of Simplicity “Store-in-a-box” helps CLIX open new studios in a flash BY LAURI GIESEN W hen a retailer is opening up a new location, there are so many things that have to be done right away. The last thing many retailers want to be involved with is the logistics associated with building up the store and stocking it with equipment. That’s why some retailers, including CLIX, a national chain of photography studios, are outsourcing the busy work associated with bringing new stores on line. CLIX SNAPSHOT 18 franchised portrait studios 10 more scheduled to open franchisees could focus on the business,” says CLIX president and CEO David Asarnow. Environmental impact Another important area that TRG has been helping retailers with relates to environmental impact; the company has a commitment to developing practices that encourage recycling and reduce energy consumption. Many municipalities are requiring contractors to make greater use of renewable products and recyclable materials, Olans says. “Some retailers are already being required [to] use these practices, while other retailers want to be at the front end of the trend,” he says. One such practice involves the use of LED lighting, which lasts longer than traditional fluorescent light bulbs and emits less heat, resulting in a reduced need for air conditioning. TRG also has used recyclable table tops in restaurants and insulation that has been made from recycled denim. StORES Lauri Giesen is a Libertyville, Ill.based business writer with extensive experience in covering payment and finance issues. WWW.STORES.ORG One of the companies that has developed an innovative approach to this is Lincolnwood, Ill.-based Total Resource Group (TRG), which offers a “store-ina-box” service whereby franchised or corporate-owned locations can be opened without much effort by the owners. This can involve anything from designing the store and displays to securing and installing all the necessary equipment. Many companies are downsizing the staff involved with store openings, says Bruce Olans, president of TRG. “One of the first places companies cut staff is in the functions related to overhead,” he says. “Those companies then need to outsource many of the functions associated with getting the stores running.” Outsourcing the logical aspects of a store opening also allows the company to focus on what is really important — making money. “They need to be focusing on marketing and neighborhood research and let us handle getting the stores up and running,” Olans says. Some retailers even look for help in store design and planning the opening. 32 STORES / JULY 2008 TRG not only assisted in opening new locations for Marietta, Ga.-based CLIX; it also participated in the redesign of its studios. The result was a look that was more appealing to customers and allowed for greater consistency among locations. CLIX has used Total Resource Group to open 18 franchised locations and has 10 more in the pipeline. “We let Total Resource handle all facets of the store openings so that our http://WWW.STORES.ORG

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