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RETAIL CROSSWORD By Myles Mellor 28. Not applicable 29. Battery size 31. Capital city 33. Rapidly growing joint venture of Pilot Corp. and Marathon Oil 35. In early form 39. Art type 41. Dalmatian features 42. The States 43. Egyptian sun god 44. Retailer-defined coding system 45. Either’s partner 47. Private-equity firm that took over Dollar General 50. An allotment 53. Government group monitoring food and drugs 54. Entertainment retailer that brings together digital and Internet options with hands-on books, CDs and DVDs 56. Sinegal, CEO of Costco 58. Computer dept. 60. Hollywood’s home 61. Enters data 64. Pedicurist target 66. Study last minute 67. Retail, this company is pursuing dual strategies by selling direct to consumers as well as through select retailers 70. Arsenal stockpile 72. Dine 73. San Antonio company that is rolling out its “Big Savings Start Here” initiative 74. Rating system DOWN 1. way, builder of The Market by Vons 2. Bullfighter cry 3. Player, McDonald’s, for example 4. That is, abbr. 5. A useful or valuable quality 6. Debts 7. British supermarketer that is the world’s third-largest retailer 8. Nurse, for short 9. Day, in Valencia 10. Terminates 12. “__ are the champions” 14. Executive position, abbr. 18. Mart, chain that is focusing on ecofriendly approaches to store design 20. Say 21. Top department store for revenues in 2007 23. Bears’ state 25. Leading apparel store for revenues in 2007 26. Gym equipment 27. Yard, for short 28. Group, market research firm 30. Out of control 32. One of the largest pharmacy chains in the U.S. 34. Creedence Clearwater Revival, to fans 36. Web addresses 37. The largest seller of music 38. Super , store that had opened Sunflower, but later pulled the plug 40. Wood floor material 42. Before 45. Max or Depot preceder 46. Research and development, for short 48. __ Toys, mall-based retail toy store in the U.S. 49. Stores, operates the Dress for Less chain 50. “Mind your P’s and ” 51. Breakfast juice 52. The standard bearer for retailers without stores 55. Nickel and 57. Brands, parent of KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, A&W and Long John Silver’s 59. Aspiration 62. Gun representation group 63. Tap gently 65. Emergency medical services, abbr. 67. Decibel, for short 68. Lane, abbr. 69. “Fearless” star, Jet 71. __nards, non-Power Player in home improvement retailers ACROSS 1. org, the e-commerce division of NRF 4. /HSN, although this company has e-commerce operations, its main selling venue is television 7. FTC part 11. Home Improvement store that was down 5.1% in comparable-store sales for 2007 13. Cooking location 15. Trendy 16. She sheep 17. Company that has partnered with Staples in China 18. Lot of cash 19. Sports clothing maker 21. Candy maker 22. Government agency 24. This store came out with a line of eco-couture that was made available first at Barneys New York 26. Starmann, head of domestic marketing for McDonald’s Kenstan LOCK COMPANY Manufacturer of Fine Showcase and Cabinet Locks YOU SEE JEWELRY IN THE SHOWCASE. CRIMINALS SEE CASH! $$ Our Standard Lock Housings are NOW AVAILABLE with & High Security Keyways Call us at 1-800-859-7874 or order on the web @

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STORES Magazine - July 2008
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STORES Magazine - July 2008