StORES Magazine - September 2007 - (Page Cover1)

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Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of StORES Magazine - September 2007

Executive Editor's Page
President's Page
E-Commerce History
Coupon Myths
10 Things You May Have Missed
What Shoppers Think
10 Numbers Worth Counting
Full Price/Markdown
Retail People
Cover Story: Tuned In
Small Screen, Big Business
Multi-Channel Kickoff
2007 Retail IT Budgeting Study
Concept2Watch: Wagamama
Labels: A More Able Lable?
Labels: Nutrition Counts
Avatars: On Screen Employees
LP Vantage Point
Industry Watch
Cover Story: A Stiff Upper Lip Isn't Enough
Mystery Shopping: Shedding New Light on Customer Experience
Supply Chain: RX for Financial Health
Food Safety: Marked by Controversy
Industry Perspective
In-Store Technology: Connecting the Dot
Human Resources: Employee Outsourcing
Credit: No Card Left Behind
Merchandising: Adding Impact to Gift Cards
E-Commerce: Stirring it Up
Upgrading or Replacing the POS System
Spam: Less Screaming, More Screening
Loeb Retail Letter
NRF News
Arts Update
Point of View
Advertising Index
Retail Industry Calendar
Last Laugh

StORES Magazine - September 2007