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MEMBErSHiP NEWS CoNtiNuEd froM paGE 27 exists and why we are a membership organization. On an individual level, NSBE strives to support its members at every stage of his/her engineering career through academic support, mentoring, networking opportunities and more. I won’t go through the entire list of benefits, which can be found on the website, but without an active membership, you can’t fully take advantage of these opportunities. NM: What is membership in NSBE all about? CRAwLEY: The beautiful thing about NSBE membership is that almost anyone can join. If you are in middle or high school and thinking about engineering, join as a NSBE Jr. member and learn about engineering through projects, competitions and the like. If you are currently a student pursuing engineering, join as a collegiate member and get work experience, pay for school, even improve your grades through the various initiatives NSBE provides. If you are out of school and working as a professional, leverage NSBE to increase your network among fellow engineers and corporate executives, gain professional development experience, and mentor younger and future engineers. Even if you do not have an engineering, science, technology or math background, you can join NSBE as an affiliate member in the demographic that best fits you. All organizations are about belonging. We ask you to consider NSBE: an inclusive environment with a mission to diversify engineering in a global society. leadership within your chapter is a tremendous opportunity to serve those you see and interact with every day. NM: Once an individual becomes a member, then what? CRAwLEY: The answer is really twofold. NSBE purposefully created an annual dues structure that was very inexpensive, to minimize the barrier to entry. Membership in NSBE is not about what you have or who you know but about who you can become. So first, get involved with those elements of NSBE that benefit you. Second: help NSBE to grow. NM: What about chapter membership? CRAwLEY: There are a variety of opportunities in NSBE at the national level, including scholarships, discounts for conference registrations, and job opportunities through our Job Placement Center. But NSBE at the national level can’t reach you day to day. Programs like the NSBE Retention Program are implemented by the chapters. I like to think that NSBE has the best of both worlds: a large membership base combined with a grassroots structure of more than 1,000 total chapters. It’s important to be an active member of your local chapter, but NM: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? CRAwLEY: I think of NSBE as a movement, and I hope that others will, too. At the end of the day, our mission is powerful and more eloquently stated than many I’ve heard: “to INCREASE the number of culturally responsible black engineers who EXCEL academically, SUCCEED professionally, and POSITIVELY impact the community.” Live the mission. Join NSBE at www.nsbe.org. ■ NSBE NEWS Mack Named clarkson university trustee n Feb. 11, 2011, NSBE Executive Director Carl B. Mack was officially voted onto the Board of Trustees of Clarkson University, in Potsdam, N.Y. Inspired by the success of the Clarkson NSBE chapter’s efforts to retain engineering students, the university bestowed an honorary doctorate degree on “Brother E.D.” in May 2010. His recent appointment to the trustee board is evidence of a renewed focus by the university on the recruitment of more blacks. Upon being charged with the task of helping bring more students of color to the school, Mack had this to say: “Be careful what you ask. If you are serious, we’ll turn Clarkson into an HBCU!” Mack sees his appointment to the Clarkson Board of Trustees as a great opportunity for NSBE and an indication of the tremendous impact the Clarkson NSBE chapter has made on the university. NSBE National Chair Calvin Phelps concurs. “Carl’s appointment to the Clarkson Board of Trustees illustrates the NsBe executive Director carl B. Mack (left) receiving an tremendous power and potential in each of our chapters. This event honorary doctorate from clarkson University in May 2010 began two years ago with the commitment of the Clarkson chapter to excellence, a commitment that continues to this day. I have no doubt this partnership, started through the efforts of a few dedicated members, will result in many more young lives’ being touched by this university and this organization,” Phelps says. ■ 28 • nsbe magazine • convention 2011 www.nsbe.org o http://www.nsbe.org http://www.nsbe.org

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NSBE - Convention 2011