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this number up as high as possible.) There are some that thrive.
Major events like this pandemic
always open up a lot of potential
new areas for business. Finding
those opportunities and being
ready for them gives businesses a
chance to come out on top.
Strategic planning is critical
now. First, look at the next six
months. At some point, things will
open back up. Will your business
be ready? Not if you don't plan for
it. We can watch some of the early
states that are opening up to see
the issues and the opportunities.
Follow how others are doing it and
learn from their mistakes. When
it's finally time to open back up, be
ready with a plan. Don't wait until
then to decide if you need to redo
your building layout and how you
will do business.
What about in the longer term?
First, this is something that businesses should be doing all the
time-making long-term plans
and goals. But all too often, when
there is so much work, future
planning gets ignored. But, now,
you have time to think! Use this
time to your advantage. Where
do you want to be in three years?
In five years? What things can
you do now to help reach those
goals. This may turn out to be the
best time ever to move toward
those goals. Much of your current
competition will be having problems. What can you do to come
out on top?
If you want to take advantage of the free small business
services that the SBDC offers
in California, you can sign up
here: ucmsbdc.ecenterdirect.
com/signup. To find your local
SBDC, go to


Outdoor Industry Association has the updates you need to weather the storm.
In mid-March, after stay-at-home orders were implemented across much of the country, OIA
recognized the oncoming business challenges its member companies would face as supply
chains and daily operations were affected. In response, the trade association stood up and
has been updating its online COVID-19 Resource Hub industry- and small business-relevant
updates, including information about SBA loan programs, requirements for producing PPE,
trade and commerce policy updates at the state and federal levels, and more. In addition,
OIA has hosted twice-weekly webinars on many of those topics and others as the situation
evolves. Upcoming webinars and recordings of past webinars can be found on the hub.


Outdoor Retailer's Stand Up 4 Retail webinars offer education
and strategy to weather the COVID-19 crisis.
Outdoor Retailer is hosting a series of 10 webinars conducted
by 10 experts with the intention of bringing you the tools you
need to make it through the pandemic to the other side. These
presentations began on April 16 with Realities Retailers Can
Do Now to Help Protect Their Businesses Later, presented by
Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, a global retail thought leader who has
worked with companies including IBM, American Express, and
Vend. Reyhle offered a full docket of strategies and information, including the fact that 65% of consumers have tried new
brands during this crisis, and 45% plan to stick with them.
Other webinars have covered topics including the logistics of
curbside pickup, and upcoming presentations will delve into
rebuilding your retail shop, digital strategies, and supporting
new customers. You can watch past webinars, see what's on
the agenda, and register for upcoming presentations here:


The Weekly - May 5, 2020

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