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INTRODUCTION Interest in recreational boating continues to be an increasing diversion for many New Yorkers. With the large number of registered boats in the state, it’s obvious that recreational boating is very popular. Whether it’s an extended fishing trip on one of our many beautiful still water lakes, or a weekend on the Great South Bay, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers participate in waterborne recreational activities annually. The Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation is one of the many sources of this type of public recreation, as well as the office administering boating safety programs. New York is particularly well known for its marine coastline, upstate lakes, scenic rivers, and extensive canal system. Because of these many waterborne recreational opportunities, NYS Parks is continually providing boater safety information in the hopes of reducing accidents, injuries, and fatalities upon the waterways. The New York State Boater’s Guide is one means of providing such useful safety information. This guide provides basic boating safety information on such topics as registration, operation, equipment and rules of the road, however we strongly encourage every boater to sign up for some formal boating instruction before venturing out on their own. Courses on safe boating are available through NYS Parks, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, and the US Power Squadron. 2

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of 2013 New York State Boater's Guide

2013 New York State Boater's Guide
Rules of the Nautical Road
General Boating Requirements
Getting Underway
Specific Recreational Boating Activities
Personal Watercraft

2013 New York State Boater's Guide