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So You Want To AllegAnY region Hiking! go You are in one of our beautiful New York State parks and you have decided to set out on a hiking adventure. There are a couple of things to make sure of before you begin your journey. Know your limits Do some homework and pick a trail that is suited to your skills and level of fitness. We all think we can climb Mount Marcy, but most likely we will enjoy a nice leisurely stroll around lakes and streams. Maps are available at many park offices or trailhead interpretive board. Pick a distance that you are comfortable with. Know the trail The map will highlight information such as trail length and degree of difficulty. Some will also highlight points of interest and supply a brief history of the area. The map will prove important if you lose your way. (Breadcrumb trails have not proved successful in the past!) Wear the proper gear Hiking boots that fit properly and appropriate clothing are essential. Always prepare for the worst possible weather. If you’re carrying a pack, make sure it fits properly and is comfortable. In your daypack, you should have the following: at least two quarts of water, snacks (bring enough for a full day of hiking), first aid kit, pocketknife, flashlight, whistle, compass, sunscreen, extra clothing, an emergency space blanket and a fire-starting kit. Be aware of local weather forecasts. Let someone know... where you are going: Always leave your itinerary with a friend stating where you will be hiking and when you plan to return. In case you get lost or are injured, they will know where to begin looking for you. 1-800-456-CAMP 95 |

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New York Camping Guide 2012
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New York Camping Guide 2012