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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: Can I use my NY safety certificate in other states? A: Yes. The New York Safe Boating Course is NASBLA approved and is accepted in other states and Canada. Q: I lost my safety certificate. How can I get a replacement? What if I lost my temporary certificate? 16 tor is responsible for mailing the yellow copies for those students under the age of 18 to State Parks. In all cases, State Parks issues the permanent certificate. Q: Why haven’t I received my safety certificate yet? A: There are several possible reasons. Certificates are issued in the date order that the courses were taught. During the summer months when there are many boating courses offered it may take up to 90 days to process your request. Temporary certificates are valid for 90 days. Permanent certificates for children are issued automatically (the course instructor will forward the necessary paperwork to New York State Parks). Adults must send in their application for a permanent boating safety certificate with the $10.00 fee. Your check will not be cashed until your certificate is issued. A: You may request a replacement certificate by writing to: New York State Parks Marine Services Bureau Albany, NY 12238 Or, you can download an application for a replacement certificate from the New York State Parks website. www.nysparks.com You must include a check for $10.00, made payable to “New York State Parks.” If you lost your temporary certificate you will have to wait until your permanent certificate is issued. Temporary certificates cannot be replaced. Q: Why did my instructor give me two temporary certificates? A: After completing the program your instructor should have given you two sheets; a white temporary certificate that you should carry while waiting for your permanent certificate, and a yellow copy. Send the yellow copy to New York State Parks along with your $10.00 fee for processing your permanent certificate. State Parks cannot issue a permanent certificate to you until we receive the yellow copy and your fee. If you are less than 18 years old, your instructor should have only given you the white temporary certificate. The instruc- A Temporary Boating Safety Certificate is issued to: New York State Office of Parks, Name of Applicant (Please Print) Address (Mailing) City DOB Gender Recreation and Historic Preservation State Eye color If under 18, Name of Parent or Guardian Zip code Area code/Phone number Relationship This temporary certificate is valid 90 days from date of issuance. The National Association of Boating Law Administrators has approved the course of instruction successfully completed. The holder of this certificate has passed a closed book proctored exam covering the 8 hour classroom instruction in safe boating, including personal watercraft operation. The following is to be completed by the instructor: Course began: Completed: Location: I hereby certify, under penalty of law, that County: , known to me as the person described above, attended all sessions and received 8 hours of certified instruction, completed the required workbook, and received a passing grade on an examination as set forth in the policy and procedure manual. I further certify that the person described above received a temporary certificate on the day of _____________________ 20____. Instructor signature Applicant’s copy ID code No.: C 1 a b c d 11 a b c d 21 a b c d 31 a b c d 82 Q: How can I become an instructor? A: To become a state certified instructor you must: • Be at least 18 years of age; • Be of sound mind and good moral character and successfully pass a background check; • Successfully complete an approved boating safety course; and • Be able to demonstrate an ability to instruct others. You can demonstrate this if you currently hold a New York State Teachers Certificate, teach other professional courses, or assist in the instruction of other state certified courses. For more information, or to begin the certification process, please call (518) 474-0445. Q: I earned a state safety certificate when I was young. Does that count? A: Yes, provided you still have a copy of your original certificate, and you were under the age of 18 at the time. Records do not exist for courses taught prior to the early 1990’s. If you have your original certificate, send a copy to New York State Parks with a check for $10.00 and you will receive a new boating safety certificate. Q: What will happen if I do not have a boating safety certificate? A: Boating without a safety certificate is a violation of New York State law. If convicted of a first violation you can be fined up to $250, be imprisoned for up to seven days, or both. For a second conviction, fines and imprisonment terms increase. V O I D http://www.nysparks.com/recreation/boating/documents/ReplacementCertificate.pdf http://www.nysparks.com/recreation/boating/documents/ReplacementCertificate.pdf http://www.nysparks.com

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2013 New York Safe Boating Textbook
Boats and Motors
Registration of Boats
Fueling and Ventilation
Safe Loading and Powering
Preparation for Getting Underway
The Marine Environment
Rules of the Road
Boat Operations
Personal Watercraft
Boating Related Activities
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2013 New York Safe Boating Textbook