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Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019


Media Preview
Tuesday, January 29, 5-7:30 p.m., MR 113
Arrive early for the pitch; stay to discover The Catch-the Media Preview. The Catch
offers journalists exclusive access to preview some of the latest products and newest
exhibitors before the Show opens, and it's a great opportunity to build relationships
and get a jump on Show coverage. Grab a drink and a bite while you're there.

Outdoor Amplified
9-10 a.m., The Camp (Booth 56117-UL),
Building a business or a nonprofit can
be challenging, but getting your message out there is an art in itself. We'll
hear from a panel of public relations
experts with 20+ years of experience
shaping narratives that resonate with
your audience and the media. Get your
buzz on...coffee provided.
Content Marketing for the Outdoors
10-11 a.m., MR405, RB, EX
In this session, we'll discuss the problems that many of us are encountering
with our content marketing. Some of
these problems have to do with the
steady diet of content-some of which
we can all admit is junk-that we are
force feeding our customers with. Beyond content overload, however, we're
also going to talk about what we all
need to do now that our customers are
stuffed full, and the world's social media
channels have forced us onto a diet by
changing their algorithms. We'll look at
post-content marketing era strategies
we're seeing emerge, and examples of
brands applying them successfully.
Innovation by Design: Every Organization Should Always Adapt and
Pivot to Leverage Design Thinking
10-11 a.m., Trend + Design Center (Booth
1032-LL), DE
Being successful has always relied
on the ability to work together and
be creative. More than science or the
collection and use of data, the quest to
understand how to create higher levels
of innovation and empower our creative
intelligence seems to be a more elusive.
The better we become at innovation
and creative collaboration, the more we
want to figure out how to get better at
it-alas, human nature. Come learn from
the internationally acclaimed authors,
exec coaches, and thought leaders,
Thomas Lockwood, Ph.D. and Edgar
Papke on how any organization can
leverage design thinking to produce
change, drive new ideas, and deliver
meaningful solutions.
Social Studies
10-11 a.m., RANGER Station (Booth
VO119-SL), RB, EX
We'll talk with social media community
managers, content creators + influencers from the outdoor and snowsports
markets about the importance of crafting lasting, meaningful content for a
medium that's constantly changing.


/ SNOW SHOW 2019

The Current State of Climate Change
& How the Outdoor Industry Can Help
10-11 a.m., The Camp (Booth 56117-UL),
From federal rollbacks to midterm
elections, 2018 was packed full of news
about the changing climate, which we
know threatens the outdoor recreation
economy and our very way of life.
Protect Our Winters and leaders from
across the industry are here to give
you an update on the current state of
climate change and share how brands,
retailers, and individuals can turn their
passion into purpose and work together
to take meaningful action.
Fashion Show + Trend Presentation-
Mapping the Trail: Style Trends That
Matter for Outdoor
11 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Trend + Design Center (Booth 1032-LL)
This year, the Fashion Show is taking
on a new form and adding education to
the lineup. The Fashion Show's theme is
"Where Outdoor Meets Snow" and will
showcase looks for the 2019-20 season.
Trend presentations will immediately
follow the Fashion Show and give insight
into forecasting trends and how consumer behavior is shaping fashion decisions.
Join Haysun Hahn to look at the trends
shaping the outdoor industry. The world
of consumer products is in love with the
outdoor industry; it's considered the
bridge between the Activesport and the
Fashion world. And as it is, with all things
of affection, love gets complicated!
University Series-Sustainability:
A Retailer's Dilemma
11 a.m.-12:00 p.m., The Camp (Booth
56117-UL), RB, IR
Retail has a responsibility in providing
a platform for either sustainable or
unsustainable products. Whether creating products that are biodegradable
or those that are durable and enable
longer life, which is more sustainable
and how should retailer buyers identify
which products are truly sustainable?
Dirt Power−Getting More Women
into Trail Running
12-1 p.m., The Camp (Booth 56117-UL),
Trail running is, at its core, an act
of empowerment; no wonder more
women than ever are hitting the dirt.
Though female participation continues to rise, the sport remains male
dominated. Join Saucony and a panel
of trail running experts to discuss how
to further close the gender gap and

encourage more women to get on the
trails. Topics will include community
and retail partnerships, education, and
growing women's trail racing participation. Sponsored by Saucony.

RANGE Social Hour Meet-Up
12-2:00 p.m., RANGER Station (Booth
VO119-SL), RB, EX
Come for the GIFS, stay for tips. Meet us
at the RANGER Station for an interactive
Instagram workshop with our in-house experts, Lisa Dougherty and Jessica Hamel.
State of the Rockies and Conservation in the West: A Discussion of
Bipartisan Issues and Opinions in the
Rocky Mountain West
12-1 p.m., MR401
Debate about outdoor recreation, conservation on public lands and energy
development, and the trade-offs of
each is ongoing across the nation. Join
Outdoor Industry Association, Colorado
College, the Center for Western Priorities, and two of the nation's leading
pollsters for the release of the renowned 2019 Conservation in the West
Poll and a discussion of the evolving
opinions and priorities in the land management conversation in the West.
When Womxn Lead: An Evolving
1:30-2:30 p.m., The Camp (Booth
Join us for an ongoing conversation with
the industry's women leaders on contemporary topics that drive business success,
including merging profit and purpose in
business, diversifying the marketing/ad
images of women in the industry, how
smaller brands can compete against the
heritage Goliath, and more.
Digital Transformation and Your Business: 5 Prerequisites
1:30-2:15 p.m., MR405
Join Centric for a discussion of the business, process, data, culture, and discipline
needed to ensure the success of any digital
transformation project. Learn key factors
to look for in your organization to determine if you are ready to make the leap.
Fashion Show + Trend Presentation
Promostyl, Part II
2-3:30 p.m., Trend + Design Center
(Booth 1032-LL)
The annual Fashion Show showcases
trends and statements in the market-

place, giving all show attendees a look
at product from exhibiting brands and
allowing retailers to make purchasing
decisions, designers to be inspired, media to write stories, and the outdoor industry to look for what's next. This year,
the Fashion Show is taking on a new
form and adding education to the lineup. The Fashion Show's theme is "Where
Outdoor Meets Snow" and will showcase looks for the 2019-20 season. Trend
presentations will immediately follow
the Fashion Show and give insight into
forecasting trends and how consumer
behavior is shaping fashion decisions.
Maria Teresa Sampedro-Dayan, Managing Director of Promostyl North America, takes a closer look at the innovation
and color trends in sport and outdoor.
Promostyl is the world-renowned color
and trend forecasting agency based out
of Paris. Sponsored by Promostyl

Vendor or Seller, You do You
2:30-3:30 p.m., The Camp (Booth
56117-UL), RB
No matter how you are doing business with Amazon today, will it have
to change? Amazon is making more
big changes in 2019, so what does this
mean for your business? We will tackle
these questions and give you some real
answers that you can understand even if
you don't speak "Amazonian." Let's not
sugarcoat anything: Figuring out how to
make sure you are on the platform in the
way you want and making money is getting harder. Find out what is really going
on inside the big machine and some ways
to weave around the newest trap doors.
A Call to Action: Corporate Engagement and the Outdoor Industry
3-4 p.m., MR405
There is a growing call to action among
Americans who continue to believe corporations have a responsibility to speak
out on political and social issues. Their
expectations reflect the vast changes in
the political landscape over the last few
years, and companies are taking a stand
on these issues. Global Strategy Group
(GSG) has been tracking corporate
engagement for more than two decades,
and for the last six years has condensed
their findings into its annual Business &
Politics study, widely recognized as the
authoritative voice on this issue. This
presentation will feature brand-new data
from the latest study and how it specifically relates to the outdoor industry.

Thursday, January 31, 6:30 p.m. at The Studio Loft at Kevin Taylor's at the Opera House
Winter Wildlands Alliance Backcountry Film Festival presents the second annual
"Night of Stoke" at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019. Join your fellow backcountry
winter adventurers for a night of cinematic stoke focusing on environmental preservation, public lands, and outdoor culture with on-stage discussions between films
featuring relevant policymakers, advocates, rulebreakers, and stoke-seekers.
Free for all Outdoor Retailer Snow Show attendees with a badge and open to the general public with a pre-purchased ticket.


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