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Resources and Education
OIA's new podcast series brings straight talk about the future of
the outdoors into your living room.
Outdoor Industry Association's (OIA) Campfire Conversations
are your opportunity to be a fly on the wall to listen in as thought
leaders and subject-matter experts chat about issues that are
important, relevant, and timely. The conversations will be candid and casual, fluid, and free-flowing. OIA's hope is that you'll
come away with deeper-and maybe even some new-insights
as you consider the various perspectives of the participants.
As the trade association of the outdoor industry, OIA's aim is to
convene the diverse thinkers and changemakers whose work and
ideas will steer us toward continued growth. OIA will post the
conversations as videos on for you to watch
on your computer, and also publish them on its Audio Outdoorist
podcast, so you can listen on your next hike, bike, or paddle.
You can find OIA's Campfire Conversations for download at or wherever you get your podcasts.

the Madness
PR pros pay heed! Follow these best practices
for communicating in today's evolving media
landscape-and tune in to dig deeper on The
Weekly Chat this Thursday. By Chris Goddard

Ten weeks of uncertainty, chaos,
and feeling like we have all been
sucker punched. We have. Some
worse than others. COVID-19 has
tested us like never before. And
there is more than enough hurt to
go around. Industry professionals
in management, sales, market-

ing, and public relations have had
to find a way to navigate these
troubled waters by safeguarding
our staff and pivoting again and
again to address key audience's
evolving needs. We must do all of
this while keeping a hopeful eye
on the future and putting steps in
place to chart a recovery.


Unfortunately, we are getting
used to this madness, but day
by day, best practices are beginning to take hold. They will do for
now, but will surely change and
then change again. On Thursday,
I will be a guest on The Weekly
Chat, along with Ashley Williams,
senior director of global marketing at Keen. We will offer insights
on how to assess this constantly
changing landscape and how to
pivot when it comes to communications. To whet your appetite,
here's a checklist of what you need
to know when it comes to media in
the time of coronavirus and best
practices you can employ now.

The media is pivoting to
adapt to the changing developments: The New York Times

pushed pause on its Sunday Travel
section and, instead, for the first
time, published "At Home." Dean

Baquet, the paper's executive editor, says, "This new section is an
acknowledgment that people are
experiencing the world differently
during this crisis, that they want
different kinds of information
about how to live and manage their
lives. It is also a way of saying that
our print paper can be as innovative and fresh as our digital report."
Mainstream media is covering COVID-19 24-7: Mainstream

media is completely consumed
with COVID-19 breaking news
and how it is changing everyday
life for consumers and businesses.
There is little to no room for
other news right now. At least two
weeks at a minimum has been the
resounding response from national
media when asked about when
there might be room for other
stories. Stories are of particular
interest when they are informative
or helpful to their viewers or readers. Gut check your story to make



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