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Sustainability is just the start.
There's no doubt the COVID-19 crisis has changed the face of the
textile and apparel industry. As we navigate the road ahead, Jay
Hertwig, Unifi's Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing,
shares his thoughts on how the pandemic has brought to light the
importance of a vertical, sustainable supply chain right here at home.
1) How has Unifi reevaluated its supply chain? Now, more than ever,
the importance of Made in America is undeniable. The crisis highlights
why it's imperative to have a vertical supply chain within the U.S. for
essential and critical items like PPE and medical supplies.
The U.S. has traditionally been reliant on outside sources for lower
costs. The pandemic has revealed our need to have these supplies
readily available right here instead of relying on other countries. While
we have the resources and supply chain in place, we need to increase
our capacity.
Unifi has transitioned to an asset-light global strategy, with vertical
supply chains in the U.S. and Central America. This, in turn, creates
greater supply chain flexibility for the company and our customers.
Brands and retailers will likely look to move supply closer to home,
but the need for overall diversification is incredibly essential.
2) How has Unifi changed its strategy since the COVID-19 pandemic
began? Unifi is proud to supply yarns and fibers to more than 100
companies that are producing the masks, gowns and other personal
protective equipment needed by our first responders, medical personnel and military.
For example, one of our customers, Contempora Fabrics, normally
supplies fabric for baseball uniforms this time of year. This season's
fabric is shifting to the production of medical masks and gowns. The
factory using Contempora's fabric is located in Pennsylvania and is
owned by sports gear producer, Fanatics. The repurposed fabric is 100
percent polyester sourced from Unifi's operations in Yadkinville, N.C.

REPREVE® OurOcean™ is a premium collection of fiber and resin
sourced from bottles at high risk of entering the ocean. People
around the globe asked: How can we save our oceans from plastic
pollution? We listened and came up with a meaningful way to
address the problem head-on.

These fibers create the ideal
microclimate between the wearer
and their clothes. Fabrics that use
this technology work to cool on
warm days by moving moisture
away from the body. Alternatively,
the insulative properties help
warm on cool days.

Breathable, moisture-wicking
fibers that go from the gym to
the next stop without looking
sweaty and wet. Fibers made
with Sorbtek® wick moisture up
to three times faster than other
fibers-so moisture moves away
and evaporates quicker, keeping
the wearer cool and dry.

This new strategy is not only supplying those on the front lines with
PPE, it's also keeping American textile companies in business.
3) Is sustainability here to stay? Our brand partners tell us that
although the retail landscape has changed, their sustainability goals
remain steadfast. Most customers have been focused on sustainability
initiatives and looking to Unifi for advancements in combining
eco-friendly plus performance attributes in yarn/fiber (REPREVE +
ProFiber). Our brand and retail partners have helped us reach our goal
of recycling more than 20 billion bottles by 2020 through their use of
our REPREVE recycled polyester.
We believe the commitment to sustainability will be even stronger postCOVID-19 as the world looks toward a new reality that affirms
a healthier planet, with industry leaders who are ready to create
environmental, social and economic change.

Clothing stretches and recovers
throughout a full range of
motion to move freely without
binding, sagging or pulling.
Reflexx® Engineered Stretch is
sustainable stretch without

ABOUT UNIFI: Unifi, Inc. (NYSE: UFI) is a global textile solutions provider and one of the world's leading
innovators in manufacturing synthetic and recycled performance fibers. Through REPREVE®, one of Unifi's
proprietary technologies and the global leader in branded recycled performance fibers, Unifi has transformed
more than 20 billion plastic bottles into recycled fiber for new apparel, footwear, home goods and other
consumer products. The Company's proprietary PROFIBER™ technologies offer increased performance,
comfort and style advantages, enabling customers to develop products that perform, look and feel better.
Unifi continually innovates technologies to meet consumer needs in moisture management, thermal
regulation, antimicrobial, UV protection, stretch, water resistance and enhanced softness. Unifi collaborates
with many of the world's most influential brands in the sports apparel, fashion, home, automotive and other
© 2020 Unifi, Inc. ProFiber™, REPREVE® OurOCean™, REFLEX®, SORBTEK®, TRUTEMP365® are trademarks of Unifi, Inc.

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The Weekly - June 9, 2020

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