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From the Editor Dear Reader, What makes a great leader? You'll fi nd whole bookstore shelves telling you. Universities devote entire graduate studies to the question. But to me, the best defi nition of a leader was given more than 2,000 years ago by a Roman citizen with the unspellable name of Quintilian (Marcus Fabius Quintilianus to his friends). Quintilian, a great scholar and teacher, taught the art of persuasion to future leaders of the Roman empire. His defi nition of the ideal leader: "A good man, speaking well." Change that to "a good person, speaking well," and you have the perfect leader-someone of good character who can bring people together to do great things. I challenge anyone to beat Quintilian there. (Seriously: Send your defi nitions to lett I believe the same qualities make a great company. On page 20, you'll fi nd the story behind Southwest's new look. Corporate types call it a rebranding. Quintilian would say it's a fresh way of speaking well, of expressing what the airline stands for. But a company cannot lead its industry and win customers' hearts without the fi rst part: a good character. On page 62, we break down the three aspects of a likable and trustworthy character, whether you're a company or an individual. You might say that the best way to win hearts is to have a heart, which is the best part of Southwest's brand. The new version looks cool, and a lot of creative thought went into it. But what makes it extraordinary is that the airline earned it by empowering people to do good. The new look, with its great, good heart, expresses that character bett er than ever. Quintilian would be proud. -Jay Heinrichs Editorial Director LEAD UP To build your own empire, be good and speak well. 32 SOUTHWEST SEPTEMBER 2014 ILLUSTRATION © BETTMANN/CORBIS; COLORING BY NAZARIO GRAZIANO/COLAGENE.COM

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Southwest The Magazine - September 2014
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Southwest The Magazine - September 2014