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Wise Guide present-moment focus. Then accept the result for what it is, and move on to the next shot with renewed vigor and enthusiasm." 3 Robert K. Winters is the author of Mistake-Free Golf: First Aid for Your Golfing Brain. TOP FIVE Head in the Game Even top golfers need a reminder to think things through. Sports psychologist Bob Winters is here to help. 1 Don't Jump the Gun "A lot of players who aren't ready swing anyway," Winters says. "This happens a lot on the putting green, which is the worst spot since that's where you need the most precision. Before you even step up to the ball, visualize exactly what you want it to do. If you're feeling uncomfortable, back away, refocus, and then step in again, ready to execute with a directed mind." 2 ILLUSTRATION BY STEFANIE PEPPING Commit to the Shot "The best golfers commit themselves to a specific shot plan and routine; the players having problems bring worry and doubt to the ball. Commit to your target and your swing with Ignore Everyone Else "A lot of golfers fear being laughed at over poor shots, but no one really cares about what you're doing. The only thing that matters is you, your ball, and your target. If you can go out and enjoy yourself without worrying about what other people think, you give yourself the emotional freedom to play the game you want to play." 4 5 Forget Perfection "Perfect golf doesn't exist, and when you say 'I must' or 'I have to,' you're only setting yourself up for failure and robbing yourself of enjoyment. Play the shot you know you can hit. Fancy may look great, but functional goes into the hole." Maintain Your Composure "Remain calm, collected, and in control. If you hit a bad shot, pause for a couple of seconds instead of jumping in the cart. Make two swing-aways to rid yourself of frustration, and then rehearse the swing you wanted to make so that you have positive momentum going into the next shot." SEPTEMBER 2014 SOUTHWEST 41

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Southwest The Magazine - September 2014
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Southwest The Magazine - September 2014