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Wise Guide role contributes to your idea of a meaningful life. Every week, take 15 minutes to ask yourself, 'What am I not doing that I should be?' This increases perseverance, improves your ability to plan, and reduces anxiety about the future." Stewart D. Friedman is the author of Leading the Life You Want: Skills for Integrating Work and Life. Q+A Live It Up Success without sacrifice? It's achievable, says Stewart Friedman. Is there such a thing as work-life balance? "The notion of balance is misguided. Instead, think in terms of harmony. You don't have to neglect all other parts of your life in order to be successful at work. In fact, the opposite is true. The more you integrate family, community, and self-your mind, body, and spirit-the more purposeful and focused you become, which actually makes you more valuable professionally." Where do I start? "Identify the roles you play in your life. Are you a spouse? A parent? A community leader? Then think about how each ILLUSTRATION BY ROB WILSON How can I impact my day-to-day life? "Identify one simple action you can do every day that will create harmony in your life, like taking a walk or reading to your child. Be sure that goal is reasonable, and then commit to it for 30 days. You'll probably begin to notice that it becomes habitual and that you need less reminding. Then, start on another goal." What about those times when it all goes wrong? "Think about the bigger picture. Every day will not be perfect, and striving for that is unrealistic. Instead, do everything you can to get closer to a life that integrates the values that matter most to you and to the people you love. When it doesn't go as planned, practice forgiveness, and keep experimenting." OCTOBER 2014 SOUTHWEST 39

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Southwest The Magazine - October 2014
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Southwest The Magazine - October 2014