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Feedback Dear Editor, I want to thank you for helping me be a better leader. As a regional sales ARISTOTLE'S BOOK OF manager for Sears Optical, I have LOVE T shared many of your articles with colleagues and top executives in our company. Besides the outstanding customer service and gracious associates, Southwest: The Magazine is another reason I choose to fly Southwest. Your articles are so very inspiring. The September issue piece "Aristotle's Book of Love" was no different. I lead the No. 1 territory in our company, and my leadership style was strengthened by applying the principles of Caring, Craft, and Cause. Thank you again, Southwest. Want people to follow you anywhere? Learn from the man who taught Alexander the Great. any occupying force will tell you, this took some persuading.) In short, Alexander captured nations-and hearts. The love part came straight from Aristotle. We know all this because the notes can be found in a book called Rhetoric. I like to call it the Book of Love. The book teaches that the most powerful tool of persuasion is the leader's public ethos, or image. If people love you, they'll follow you anywhere. Aristotle taught that a compelling character is more persuasive than perfect logic. Mind you, this is the philosopher who invented logic as we know it. Image trumps logic. (He blamed our "sorry human nature.") So how does Aristotle's Book of Love work for a person or an entire corporation? I can sum up the technique in three words: Caring, Craft, and Cause. C By Jay Heinrichs Illustration by Nigel Buchanan he book of Love was written by the philosopher Aristotle and rewritten by Southwest. Study them both and you'll learn how to become a beloved brand- or a beloved person. Aristotle was a provably brilliant teacher. Among his more notable pupils: Alexander the Great. After some early successes-like, you know, conquering the known world-Alexander carried out an even greater ambition: turning conquered peoples into proud citizens of the Greek Empire. (As 62 SOUTHWEST SEPTEMBER 2014 aring means your audience-family, friends, future employers, customers-believe you have their best interest at heart. Remember the movie Miracle on 34th Street? When the Santa at Macy's learns that the store doesn't have the toy a particular little boy wants, he tells the boy's mother where she can find it. Word spreads that Macy's favors kids over its own profit, and the store gets flooded with mail-and customers. Mr. Macy himself endorses the Santa policy, proclaiming, "This way Macy's will be known as the store with a heart." Which may remind you of another company with a heart. Southwest empowers its employees to serve customers in personal ways. This is Caring at its strategic, and heartfelt, best. SEPTEMBER 2014 SOUTHWEST 63 -MONAFEITHA DARBONNE SPRING , TE X A S Thanks, Monafeitha. You clearly already know a lot about love. ACTS OF KINDNESS TALK TO US Send your letters to 2811 McKinney Ave., Suite 360, Dallas, TX 75204, or email For comments or questions directed at Southwest Airlines that don't pertain to the magazine, please visit the "Contact Us" page at SouthwestMagazine @SouthwestTheMag #SouthwestMag @SouthwestMagazine #SouthwestMag 30 SOUTHWEST NOVEMBER 2014 I recently read "Save the Day!" [September 2014], and I wanted to commend and thank writer Grant Stoddard for his wonderful acts of kindness toward the strangers he met. I really appreciated his perseverance to do good, especially when he received negative feedback from the people he was trying to help. I have a little theory that everyone wants happiness, but to be able to have it we need to feel loved. I remember a particularly bad day I experienced as an overly emotional seventh grader. It was an early morning, and I was late for school. On top of having unfinished homework, I had forgotten multiple things at home, and I stubbed my toe on the way to class. Upon reaching the classroom, my teacher told me, "Go to the nurse; you're bleeding on my carpet." I remember feeling utterly hopeless and unimportant. I started crying right there in the hallway and was having trouble composing myself when a stranger placed her hand on my shoulder and simply asked, "Are you okay? How can I help?" That stranger and Grant are the type that give people like seventh-grade me hope. Thank you again. -CHLOE GALLI C L O V I S , C A L I FO R N I A Your letter shows how long the memory of an act of kindness can last; it also shows how much a seventh grader can need one.

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