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OUR STAR Senior System Engineer, Dallas Michael Coronado Little did Michael Coronado know when he responded to a posting for a job with a "travel and leisure" company that he would one day find himself working for Southwest Airlines. The company turned out to be AirTran Airways, and the position was for a System Engineer in Atlanta. After two years with AirTran, Michael transitioned to Southwest in January 2012. He LUVs that the technology he helps support (systems like servers, networks, and storage) enables the Company to sell tickets and get Customers to their destinations safely. Born in Miami, Michael is the son of two Cuban exiles who came to America as children in the 1960s. His parents both worked hard to provide Michael opportunities they never had. His father, an accountant, is Michael's mentor and role model and taught him about business. The work ethic Michael's parents instilled in him paid off. He received his undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University on full scholarship for electrical and computer engineering and went on to obtain a master's degree from the University of Miami. Michael met his wife, Victoria, at a coffee shop in Miami. Fluent in both English and Spanish, he surprised her by chiming in while she was having a conversation en español. They have been . together now for six years and love to travel and try new food at restaurants. Michael has been to 37 countries across five continents and says that he's not done yet! He says there's nothing more enjoyable than "the adventure of taking unknown roads to see where they might lead." As a behind-the-scenes Employee, Michael is energetic, driven, and heavily involved in the Culture of our Company-all reasons for us to be proud of his contributions. Michael, we wish you many more adventures as a Southwest Employee, and we are so fortunate to have you as our Star! -Katie Ellwood 22 SOUTHWEST DECEMBER 2014 Blue Man Group is proud to give Michael Coronado two tickets to a Blue Man Group show as a token of appreciation for his work and dedication. Congratulations, Michael! PHOTOGRAPHY BY TREVOR PAULHUS

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Southwest The Magazine - December 2014
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Southwest The Magazine - December 2014