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I have discovered that, in business, doing the right thing usually happens to be the smart thing. And while that may seem like common sense, I think it sometimes gets lost in the noise and complexity of today’s world. At Southwest Airlines, we are committed to and passionate about the triple bottom line of Performance, People, and Planet. These three pillars provide a smart, natural filter for making decisions that enable us to create a financially strong Company and to provide job security for our People, returns for our Shareholders, and efficient ways to conserve our natural resources that help the world around us. There are numerous examples I could point to where this rings true. For instance, take a look outside the airplane window, and you will see vertical winglets. We added these to our aircraft years ago to reduce fuel burn. Fuel is our biggest expense, so any effort to reduce costs in that area amounts to dollars added back to our bottom line—which helps create job security for our People. And, of course, less fuel burn equates Customer Service in Action I received a note from a Customer who traveled with us from houston to Dallas. She was about to deplane after landing at love Field when she noticed that the small sapphire dangle from one of her earrings was missing. as she was looking for it, one of our Flight attendants took notice and immediately started helping her search for the missing gem, to no avail. our Flight attendant took the Customer’s contact information in case the sapphire turned up later. Sure enough, it showed up the following day. our employee called the Customer to let her know she had found it, and she even personally delivered the earring to the Customer that day. to fewer carbon emissions, which is good for the environment. Our cabin interiors provide another perfect example. Last year we enhanced our cabin interiors with products that are good for the environment and emphasize comfort and personal space. You are sitting on a seat made with E-Leather, an eco-friendly, lightweight material that is both comfortable and durable. The seats weigh less and are thinner than our previous seats, allowing us to add an extra row without sacrificing comfort. This results in lighter, more fuel-efficient planes with six more seats onboard—another win for the triple bottom line. By running ideas through our triple bottom line filter, we produce solutions that support all three objectives. Each year, we measure and report on our annual performance in what we call the Southwest Airlines One Report™, which comprehensively covers our financial, social, and environmental performance. This award-winning report adheres to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an internationally recognized standard for triple bottom line reporting, and fully complies with the GRI’s B+ application level. In addition, we’ve introduced the Carbon Disclosure Project—a reporting process that covers effective management of environmental risks, focusing on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change strategies. You can learn more about our commitment to the triple bottom line at southwest.com/citizenship. Gary Kelly Chairman, President, and CEO Southwest Airlines 12 spirit july 2013 PhotograPhy By Dan SellerS Gary’s Greeting Our Commitment to the Triple Bottom Line http://www.southwest.com/citizenship

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