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Star of the Month + Paree Newcomb A I R T R A N C U S TO M ER S E R V I C E AG EN T, AT L A N TA "In ten years, no two days have ever been alike, and that's what I love about my job," says Paree Newcomb, an AirTran Airways Customer Service Agent. Paree thrives on variety and creativity and has a passion for serving others. Applying for a job with an airline was an impulsive decision for Paree and one she now knows was meant to be. "When people get into the airline business, they either get out immediately or they are 'lifers,'" she says. "It becomes part of who you are." As someone who has "50 million things going on at once," Paree is energized by the fast pace of airline operations and the endless scenarios she encounters in meeting people from all walks of life, in all conditions. She recalls a Customer who found out her brother had died under tragic circumstances. Paree stayed with her for several hours and remains deeply affected by the experience-and that was nine years ago. As subsidiary AirTran becomes a part of Southwest Airlines, delivering outstanding Customer Service remains a priority. Paree says a big part of her approach to Customer Service comes from watching her awesome Coworkers. "Even after ten years, I'm still learning," she says. "It's exciting to be part of a Company like Southwest that encourages Employees to do what's right for our Customers." Always humble, Paree is not one to talk about her strengths. In fact, one of her Leaders called out of concern that, in her interview for this article, Paree might not mention her artistic skill, her musical talents, and her exemplary patience and sincerity. But it's clear that Paree is happy to share her gifts in helping with Station and Culture-related events, such as painting murals behind the Atlanta ticket counter for Christmas and Halloween. Paree hopes to transfer someday to Nashville, Tennessee, for the chance to further her artistic and musical talents while still spreading LUV to our Customers. It would be "the best of both worlds," she says. Of course, we already know Paree is a Star, and we couldn't be prouder! -Monica Van Slate LUV SONGS Paree is always in tune with Customer needs. Blue Man Group is proud to give Paree Newcomb two tickets to a Blue Man Group show as a token of appreciation for her work and dedication. Congratulations, Paree! 18 SPIRIT NOVEMBER 2013 PHOTOGRAPHY BY HAROLD DANIELS

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Spirit Magazine - November 2013
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Spirit Magazine - November 2013

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