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Community Outreach Compassion in Action As a Senior Specialist for Community Programs at Southwest Airlines, I have the privilege of helping and supporting the 45,000 Southwest and AirTran Airways Employees who roll up their sleeves and volunteer in the communities where they live and work. I have heard many great stories of how our Employees make a difference across the nation, including that of Baltimore/Washington-based First Officer Paul Koch. Imagine calling 911 and not having anyone show up to help in a crisis. As a volunteer paramedic for the Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad and St. Mary's County Advanced Life Support Unit, Paul works hard to make sure that doesn't happen. He answers life-saving calls every time he is on duty, and the overwhelming needs of his community keep him going back. Paul's wife and three kids have also become involved, and there are times when the entire ambulance is staffed by members of the Koch house. St. Mary's chief, Gary Easley, reports that Paul, the assistant chief, responded to more than 600 calls in the past year- that's 11 percent of the total calls fielded by his squad of 40. For his efforts and dedication, Paul received the Top Responder Award this year. While Paul understands that he can't save every patient, he also knows that sometimes what may seem like the smallest gestures of comfort are what matter most, like holding a dying cancer patient's hand all the way to the hospital. Paul has witnessed tragedy, but he's also seen the relief of a drawn breath, + How one Southwest Employee saves lives in his spare time. ATTENTIVE AID Paul Koch, a Southwest Airlines First Officer, volunteers in his community as a paramedic. the joy of a family reunited, and the wonder of bringing a new life into the world. Since 2010, Paul has recorded more than 3,000 volunteer hours-the equivalent of flying coast-to-coast 615 times- and has earned the organizations he volunteers with the maximum allotment of tickets through Southwest's Tickets for Time Program. (For every 40 volunteer hours our Employees contribute to a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit or school in our database, that organization is eligible to receive one free roundtrip ticket anywhere Southwest flies, with a maximum of six tickets in a calendar year.) I am thankful for Employees like Paul who make their corners of the world better places. Paul's story has inspired me, and I hope it inspires you to see what you can do in your community. -Stephanie Schaller NOVEMBER 2013 SPIRIT 187

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Spirit Magazine - November 2013
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Spirit Magazine - November 2013

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