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Your Words Dear Spirit, I finished reading your piece on Wally Amos ["Are You Famous Amos?" September 2013] on a flight to Detroit from ARE Baltimore. What an YOU amazingly heartwarming AMOS? yet heartbreaking story! It made me realize how little we know about the lives of the people behind certain brands. The cookie man had some serious highs and some very low lows. I felt so many emotions reading it: wanting to cheer Wally on yet also wanting to console him; wanting to console his children. We truly are affected by those who raise us-or don't raise us-aren't we? I can't wait to find out what Wally was so excited about at the end of the piece. And I do hope he makes amends with his children. Thank you for a wonderfully written article. " On the island paradise of Oahu, to be financially savvy to remain successful. Thank you for showing all sides of this very complex and interesting man. I love Spirit magazine, and I'm always excited when my travels allow me to read one issue on the outgoing flight and the next month's issue on the return flight! -S H A N N O N M E R E W E T H E R ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO Well said, Shannon. May your cookie never crumble. Wally Amos gets that question every day. If only the answer were simple. " BY JOHN McALLEY PHOTOGRAPHY BY MARCO GARCIA 66 SPIRIT SEPTEMBER 2013 SEPTEMBER 2013 SPIRIT -S AMANTHA JONE S B ALTIMORE We certainly felt the same emotions, Samantha. SEND 'EM IN Write to us at 2811 McKinney Ave., Suite 360, Dallas, TX 75204 or email letters@spiritmag.com. For comments or questions directed at Southwest Airlines that don't pertain to Spirit, please visit the "Contact Us" page at southwest.com. Our favorite letter each month wins a Spirit diner mug. Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/spiritmag Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/spiritmagazine 24 SPIRIT NOVEMBER 2013 THE REAL AMOS I really enjoyed your article about Wally Amos. There were so many lessons to be learned from it. He followed a dream, worked hard, and took risks to be successful in business. Unfortunately, he learned that being a successful businessman becomes less important when you don't honor commitments to your own family. The story also revealed that even if you have great ideas, you have BALANCING ACT Since I generally only fly late at night, that's my chance to read Spirit, and by then I'm down to one cylinder and about 16 brain cells. However, I truly enjoyed your article about Wally Amos. As a serial entrepreneur myself, Wally's ongoing desire to find the next best thing resonated with me. I also appreciated the balanced approach Mr. McAlley took to describe the impact of his global brand and the delicate nature with which he handled Wally's shortcomings. Thank you for showcasing true journalism. -S E T H C H E R N O F F  BOULDER, COLORADO Thanks, Seth. You can look forward to more great journalism from executive editor John McAlley soon. DELICIOUS DETAILS Your September issue contained one of the most delicious magazine articles I've ever read. I found it to be insightful, detailed without dullness, and empathetic. In an age where the delivery of everything from breakups to worldaltering news has been reduced to shorthand, I really enjoyed the richness of this so-much-morethan-cookies article. -FRAN KRAS WESTVILLE, INDIANA We're glad to hear you savored every word. Wally's story isn't all sweet, but it certainly is rich. http://www.southwest.com http://www.facebook.com/spiritmag http://www.twitter.com/spiritmagazine

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Spirit Magazine - November 2013
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Spirit Magazine - November 2013

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