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Rapid Rewards Freedom Story + Larry Kuhlmann PA R T N E R A N D W E S T ER N R EG I O N A L D I R EC TO R O F B U S I N E S S D E VELO PM EN T, S AG E B E V ER AGE S C A R L S B A D, C A L I FO R N I A As part of his role in a spirits distribution company, Larry Kuhlmann is always on the go. Based in Carlsbad, California, he travels all over the country to meet with distributors and open new markets for Lucky Buddha Beer. With 35 years in the business under his belt, Larry is no stranger to travel. He chooses to fly almost exclusively on Southwest Airlines-and has done so since he was 25 years old. Larry prefers Southwest for two reasons: Customer Service and dependability. "As a business traveler, you begin to see the differences between airlines," he says. "Southwest Crews are always LUVing, happy to be there, and almost always ontime!" In Larry's line of work, punctuality can be a crucial factor in securing a big sale. "I know when I book a flight with Southwest, they'll be there for me. They'll do what it takes to get me to my destination ontime." Additionally, Larry checks a bag almost every time he flies, so he is especially fond of Southwest's Bags Fly Free policy, which has saved him upwards of $500 a month. As an A-List Preferred Member, Larry is very familiar with the benefits of Southwest's Frequent Flyer program, Rapid Rewards. His favorite perk? "The Companion Pass!" he says. Being able to designate one person to fly with him has allowed Larry to include his family in his travels. He recently took them all to New York City. Larry fondly remembers it as "the best vacation ever." Larry's Rapid Rewards Points come in handy for more than just leisure. On one occasion, Larry's son had booked a flight with another airline, and a cancellation left him stranded on the East Coast. Larry was able to use his points to book his son a flight on Southwest and get him back home to California. Because of positive experiences like this, Larry truly believes that Southwest is "head and shoulders" above other airlines when it comes to Customer Service. We're happy to take care of you and your family, Larry. Thanks for continuing to be a special part of ours! -Liz Blumberg THE FIZZ BIZ SWA stacks up to savings for Larry. 20 SPIRIT DECEMBER 2013 PHOTOGRAPHY BY DANNY TURNER

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Spirit Magazine - December 2013
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Spirit Magazine - December 2013