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Your Words Dear Spirit, I have been a Southwest customer for a very long time and have enjoyed your in-flight magazine many times over, but I must say this is the first time I have written a response to an article. Alex Sheen's movement ["The Every Day Action Hero," November 2013] couldn't have come at a better time. His simple message of commitment honors his late father as well as the integrity within each of us. Spirit could continue to help spread that message by inserting a perforated sheet of 10 Because I Said I Would cards in the next few months' worth of issues. Imagine the impact it would have. Thanks for capturing Sheen's quest to change lives. It has definitely changed mine. by gabbi chee photography by chris langer lettering by will bryant His inspirational message has changed the lives of people across the globe. How does Alex Sheen make a difference? Simple: by keeping his word. 86 spirit november 2013 november 2013 spirit 87 -CHARLES JENKINS SAN ANTONIO Brilliant idea! Anyone who wants to fund the effort should get in touch with us at letters@spiritmag.com. SEND 'EM IN Write to us at 2811 McKinney Ave., Suite 360, Dallas, TX 75204 or email letters@spiritmag.com. For comments or questions directed at Southwest Airlines that don't pertain to Spirit, please visit the "Contact Us" page at southwest.com. Our favorite letter each month wins a Spirit diner mug. Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/spiritmag Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/spiritmagazine Follow us on Instagram at instagram.com/spiritmagazine DONE TO A TEE PROMISE KEPT After reading "The Every Day Action Hero" in your November 2013 issue, I ordered Because I Said I Would T-shirts as Christmas presents for all of my family and friends. That simple idea is so powerful. I'm still contemplating what I will put on my card. Alex Sheen, your beauty lifts off the page in your quotes and in your smile. Your father is surely proud. Thanks for having such a positive impact on people. The article on Alex Sheen and his Because I Said I Would organization touched me deeply in a few different ways. First, I pride myself on doing what I say I will do, and it felt wonderful to have the virtue of that acknowledged. Second, I realized I need to examine my own tendency to become irritated when I encounter people who don't do what they say they will do. This is something I hope to work on. The long-range impact that Alex Sheen's organization has had, is having, and will certainly continue to have is extraordinary. For this, I want Alex to know that I bow to him and to his steadfast willingness to keep his - C AT H Y H O WA R D DALL AS The shirts look terrific, too, Cathy. Readers who want to buy them, along with other goodies, can do their shopping at becauseisaidiwould.com/store. 22 SPIRIT JANUARY 2014 http://www.southwest.com http://www.facebook.com/spiritmag http://www.twitter.com/spiritmagazine http://www.instagram.com/spiritmagazine http://www.becauseisaidiwould.com/store

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Spirit Magazine - January 2014
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Spirit Magazine - January 2014