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Inflight Entertainment + Information WIFI $8 all day per device on WiFienabled aircraft* * Browse the Web, check e-mail, and stay in touch while in the air. * In order to provide a topnotch WiFi experience, we limit access to certain highbandwidth applications and websites including Netflix, HBO Go, and VoIP. TV See Inflight Entertainment Portal for pricing * Enjoy access to our popular lineup of live channels and on-demand TV episodes. * Information about which devices are compatible can be found on the Inflight Entertainment Portal. MOVIES $5 per movie, per device on WiFi-enabled aircraft * Choose from a wide selection of popular titles, including recent releases, classics, and children's films. * Movies can only be viewed inflight and are not accessible on the ground. 150 SPIRIT FEBRUARY 2014 INFLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT PORTAL * Our Inflight Entertainment Portal allows you to access free content, including games, a flight tracker, and all that southwest.com has to offer. * WiFi, TV, and Movies are all accessible from the homepage of the portal. HOW TO ACCESS Every device is different, but here are the basic steps: * Once onboard a WiFienabled aircraft, turn on your approved electronic device, and set to airplane mode. WiFi is now available gate-to-gate. * View available wireless networks, select "Southwest WiFi," and connect. * Launch your Web browser, and you will be directed to the Inflight Entertainment Portal (you might need to hit "refresh"). MORE INFORMATION * Content and services are offered on WiFi-enabled aircraft only. We cannot guarantee that connecting flights will be WiFi-enabled. * Service on flights to/from Puerto Rico is currently not available for the entire flight. * Southwest takes great pride in giving you low fares and a comfortable flight, but we are unable to provide technical support. Please call 1-800-435-9792 to report any problems you may have encountered with your WiFi service. WIFI Surfing is easy at 30,000 feet. With Gogo Inflight Internet on board, no matter where you're going, you're never more than a few clicks away from virtually everything. Work. Shop. Catch up on e-mail. It's up to you. And logging on is easy. Just follow these simple steps: * Turn on your WiFi-enabled device (laptop or handheld). * Look for the "gogoinflight" signal, then connect. * Launch your Web browser, and sign up. WIFI SUPPORT * On the ground, visit gogoair.com, or call Gogo customer service at 1-877350-0038. In the air, visit air.gogoair.com. FREE ACCESS TO SKYMALL.COM * Shop from SkyMall for free on this flight (you will not be required to pay for a WiFi session). Connect to Gogo on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device, and visit SkyMall.com/AirTran WiFi. Spend $125 or more and earn a free Gogo Pass valid on any single Internet session. http://www.SKYMALL.COM http://www.southwest.com http://www.SkyMall.com/AirTran http://www.gogoair.com http://air.gogoair.com

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Spirit Magazine - February 2014
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Spirit Magazine - February 2014