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Erin Jett + Star of the Month A I R T R A N FL I G H T AT T EN DA N T, AT L A N TA "I am a Flight Attendant at heart," says Erin Jett, an Atlanta-based AirTran Airways Employee. Erin, a lifelong Georgian, applied for a job with AirTran on the advice of her father. She knew nothing of the industry, but within a day of interviewing she was part of the AirTran Family and couldn't have felt more at home. Since 2006, Erin has filled a number of roles in her career as a Flight Attendant, from facilitating training to being part of a unique group called the Sunshine Operations Squad, which supports Flight Attendants and prepares them to serve on international routes. Some of her most meaningful moments, however, have been times spent serving Customers. One experience in particular stands out. Erin once found a cellphone that had been left on the concourse. A contact for "Dad" was programmed into the phone, and Erin called the number. She learned that the phone belonged to a young boy and mailed it to him. Not long after, she received a thank-you note accompanied by a handmade gift. The note said, "I would shake your hand, but since you are 500 miles away I hope you will accept this hammock." That moment remains pivotal in Erin's approach to serving others. "Everything you do counts in the eyes of someone," she says. Erin and her husband, David, enjoy life in Atlanta with their only "child," a Maltipoo named Maggie Mae. Although David works outside the airline industry, he appreciates the privilege of being able to hop on a flight to visit his family in Ohio. An avid runner and baseball fan, Erin just completed her first half marathon and loves to cheer for her hometown Braves. She also boasts a remarkable collection of owl-themed objects that includes everything from knickknacks, scarves, and socks to bags and mugs decorated with the wise little creatures. It is Erin's talents and commitment to serving others that made her a very wise choice for AirTran and now for Southwest. We couldn't be prouder to shine this month's spotlight on her. -Monica Van Slate JETT-SETTER Flying with Erin is a hoot. Blue Man Group is proud to give Erin Jett two tickets to a Blue Man Group show as a token of appreciation for her work and dedication. Congratulations, Erin! 16 SPIRIT FEBRUARY 2014 PHOTOGRAPHY BY HAROLD DANIELS

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Spirit Magazine - February 2014
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Spirit Magazine - February 2014