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From the Editor embark A Welcome Temptation # COVER PHOTO BY LAURYN ISHAK This month’s issue has a little something for everyone — but there does seem to be a common thread. Our cover story (page 52) will not only encourage a future visit to Venice but also perk up your appetite before you’re done reading. If you don’t know about cicheti, you will soon. Stateside, if you want to pick up a bottle of red wine without blowing the budget, check out Nick Passmore’s “Twenty Under $20” (page 19). Nick is our premier wine critic, and we’re more than confident about his choices. If your beverage of choice leans more toward something warm or perhaps caffeinated, see “True Brew” (page 25), a firsthand report on the resurrection of top-quality coffee produced in Puerto Rico. Yet another The Story Behind the Stories By Lance Elko mouthwatering piece is “The Rise of Hotel Restaurants” (page 70), where you’ll find that the new wave of resident chefs are among the elite in their trade. Check out some of the dishes they’re serving. If primo cuisine, red wine, and rich coffee don’t have you salivating by touchdown, our story “Uniquely New Orleans” (page 84) will do the trick. Although our N’awlins piece covers the arts, history, and culture of the city, there’s plenty about the extraordinary food and potables. We can attest to the seductive power of suggestion — our staff collectively gained 11 pounds working on this issue. Until next time, have a wonderful flight. Caption goes here and is this long Follow us: @USAirwaysMag TERMI N AL B | PI ER B | 1 HARBO RS IDE DR IVE B OSTON LO GAN AIR PO RT | 617.567.1133 FOR MORE BUSINESS COMMENTARY AND ANALYSIS, GO TO WEBSITEHERE.COM 1 15 N EW BU RY STR EET | BO STO N | 617.4 21.0 7 7 7 MA DE I N A MER I CA WI T H LOV E ™ | W WW. A L EXA NDAN I . COM http://WWW.ALEXANDANI.COM http://WWW.ALEXANDANI.COM

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of US Airways - April 2013

US Airways - April 2013
Table of Contents
CEO Letter
From the Editor
Did You Know?
Making It Happen
Hot Spots: Best Ballpark Food
Hub Crawl: San Francisco International Airport
Wine & Dine: 20 Wines Under $20
Wine & Dine: True Brew: Puerto Rico Coffee
Great Tastes: Luna Red
Great Escapes: Couples Resorts
Adventure: Cape Ann, Massachusetts
Great Escapes: Fairmont San Francisco Hotel
Adventure: High Springs, Florida
Gear Up: Golf
Special Section: Cabarrus County, North Carolina
Travel Feature: Grazing in Venice, Italy
US Airways Feature: 50+ Year Employees
No Strings Attached: Brad Paisley
The Rise of Hotel Restaurants
Phoenix Flair
Celebrate New Orleans: Art. Culture. Music.
Great Dates
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US Airways - April 2013