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explore Must Read Excerpt from a Great New Book Career Advice Worth Heeding This recently released book is an outstanding resource for anyone about to embark on a career - and for anyone looking for clues about how to operate in a corporate culture. This is the eighth book from Robert L. Dilenschneider, who founded the New York City-based Dilenschnieder Group, a corporate strategic counseling and public relations firm. Prior to establishing this group, he served as president and CEO of Hill and Knowlton, one of the nation's top public relations companies. We're happy to present this poignant excerpt that will enlighten not only younger career builders, but also those working in most any kind of business culture. -Lance Elko, Editor The Grapevine = Survival ★ With all the volatility and uncertainty in professional life, I don't know anyone who doesn't work the grapevine these days. That's true in large organizations and smaller ones. The grapevine has always been around, but thanks to the power of technology and social media, it is more important now than it has ever been. Ignore it at your peril. The grapevine happens face to face, over the telephone, through email, texting, and social media, and yes, the old-fashioned way - at the water cooler. At one time, you could choose to ignore it. You could sit at your desk and be oblivious to the breaking news. No more. Now your survival in the workplace - as well as in your own business - depends on how well you're able to work the grapevine. The power of the grapevine first became clear to me when I was working at the Chicago office of a public relations firm and living in Wilmette, Illinois. My wife and I had given a dinner party - one we thought was quite successful. But the talk on the commuter train the next morning was not 120 APRIL 2014 about the success of the party. It was about one of the guests. He had worn a powder blue suit, when the rest of us were wearing dark suits. By 9 a.m., just about every professional working in Chicago knew about the suit caper. That man's ability to conduct business in the Chicago area was finished. Could he have recovered from this? You bet. But either he didn't know how or he didn't ask anyone's help. And he faded from the scene. After that, I clearly saw that the grapevine was not just a rumor mill. It helped to determine who was fit to do business in town. Like God, it made judgments. In Corporate Cultures, Terrence Deal and Allan Kennedy call the grapevine the "cultural network." This network is the primary means of communications within an organization and, unlike all the other functions in that organization, it operates with no regard to rank or status. The grapevine is a very democratic institution. Those with access to power - and therefore information - have a lot of clout on the grapevine. They include administrative as- Excerpted from The Critical First Years of Your Professional Life by Robert L. Dilenschneider ©2014 Kensington Publishing Corp. Reprinted by arrangement with Kensington Publishing. kensingtonbooks .com

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