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Puzzles Must Read Perhaps you trusted too quickly. Remember, everyone has an agenda. And someone's agenda may involve squashing you, or getting dirt from your department and passing it on. That's why you need to be cautious with what you say - and with email. Once you hit "send," you lose all control over its ultimate destination. Email is a form of public communication. Or maybe you shared your feelings too freely. Work isn't your 124 APRIL 2014 Damage Control There's a misleading rumor in the grapevine, and this time it's about you. What do you do? Well, the worst thing to do is to do nothing. Your silence reinforces the credibility of the rumor. The best approach is to involve intermediaries. Get other people to do your dirty work. The simple fact that they're standing up for you will look good. Also, they can help replace the rumor with the truth. Often these intermediaries will be your friends at work. Other times mere acquaintances will be willing to go to bat for you. Maybe they dislike your enemy. Maybe this happened to them before. Maybe they think you got a raw deal. Whatever their reasons, if they help you, thank them. You owe them big time. You can also fight back on your own. Go to the biggest talkers in the organization and tell them that you heard a rumor about yourself and, since it contained wrong information, you'd like to clear up the misunderstanding. Then tell your version of the story. Be calm; the calmer you are, the more credible you'll seem. Simply tell them the facts. Try not to place blame. Blaming someone will get you involved in a battle. All you want to do is get the facts straight. The Critical First Years of Your Professional Life (Kensington Books) is available now. OPPOSITE ATTRACTION The letters in ALFRESCO can be remixed to spell two opposites: CLOSE and FAR. What pairs of opposites are in these jumbles? 1. O UNIT 2. FROOT 3. LOW END 4. THE SUM 5. DO CLOTH 6. DOVE DEN 7. PEA ROWS 8. ROSE ELMS 9. SHORT FAD 10. LOG VIDEO 11. SOLD FUTON 12. FELT LUMPY 13. TAKES WRONG 14. REAR WINDOW Answers, page 128 Puzzles continue on page 126  WANT MORE PUZZLES? CHECK OUT OUR MAGAZINE ONLINE AT USAIRWAYSMAG.COM. @USAirwaysMag WORD GAME BY EMILY COX AND HENRY RATHVON Wednesday night support group. You can't expect everyone at work to be on the lookout for your interests. Your coworkers not only couldn't care less, they could use the material against you. There are creatures in any organization who excel in the art of pumping others for information and passing it on. They include: The Good Mother. These poisonous entities prey on people who are either new to an organization or who are in a crisis. On the surface, they are warm and caring. They use a concerned tone when they speak with you. They seem sympathetic as they probe for information, saying things like: "It must be difficult to work for a controller like Maxine" or "You must be getting pretty burned out by all that overtime." Be friendly with these people, but say nothing you wouldn't announce over the loudspeaker. Moles. Ask who the moles are. These insecure creeps believe the only way they can survive in an organization is to bring dirt back to the boss. They will take you to lunch and ask about every aspect of your job. It's politically astute to go to lunch with them if they ask you to, but focus only on positive things about your job. If you don't reveal something negative, they'll get visibly frustrated. Eventually they'll stop pumping you. The Embittered. They have an axe to grind. Maybe they were passed over for a promotion because they didn't have an MBA. Maybe the person who brought them into the organization was fired. Maybe they perceive that others are getting more travel opportunities than they are. So they try to create havoc at work. They do this by plugging misleading information into the grapevine. If they find a reason to dislike you or resent you, you could be a victim. The good news is that it's easy to spot those troublemakers: They're the ones with the visible chips on their shoulders. The bad news is that you might have to do some damage control if they make you a target. Game On! http://www.USAIRWAYSMAG.COM

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