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Fleet and Customs & Immigration engage CUSTOMS & IMMIGRATION Boeing 737-800 Boeing 777-200 ER and -300 ER Number in Fleet: 59 B777-200 Seats: 247 B777-300 Seats: 310 Number in Fleet: 232 Seats: 150 Boeing 737-400 Airbus A330-200 and -300 Number in Fleet: 11 Seats: 144 Number in Fleet: 23 A330-200 Seats: 258 A330-300 Seats: 291 McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Number in Fleet: 153 Seats: 140 Embraer 190 Boeing 767-300ER Number in Fleet: 58 Seats: 214 Number in Fleet: 20 Seats: 99 Please be sure to complete the customs declaration form distributed by flight attendants. All passengers traveling to the United States must fill out a form, individually or one per family, prior to landing. ç Embraer 170 and 175 Boeing 767-200ER Number in Fleet: 84 Embraer 175 Seats: 76 Number in Fleet: 10 Seats: 168 Seats: 204 U.S. Customs Declaration Form Need Your I-94 Admission Number? Go to Embraer 170 Seats: 69 Embraer 175 Seats: 80 Embraer RJ145 and RJ140 Welcome to the United States CBP Publication Number 0228-0612 (07/12) Number in Fleet: 186 Embraer RJ140 Seats: 44 Embraer RJ145 Seats: 50 Boeing 757-200 Number in Fleet: 107 Seats: 176-184 Bombardier CRJ900 Bombardier CRJ700 Airbus A321 Number in Fleet: 61 Seats: 63-65 Number in Fleet: 110 Seats: 102 Seats: 67 Seats: 187 Bombardier CRJ200 Number in Fleet: 138 Seats: 50 Airbus A320 Number in Fleet: 68 Seats: 150 Seats: 50 Airbus A319 Number in Fleet: 109 Seats: 128 Dash-8 100/200 and 300 Seats: 124 Number in Fleet: 38 Dash-8 100/200 Seats: 37 Dash-8 300 Seats: 50 I-94 Form Arrival/ Departure Card ç Number in Fleet: 51 Seats: 76-79 Seats: 176-190 U.S. Customs and Border Protection no longer requires customers holding a visa for the USA to complete the paper I-94 Arrival/Departure Record. If your employer or local, state, or federal agency requires an I-94 for verification purposes, go to after your arrival to obtain an electronic copy of your I-94 admissions record. Please ask your immigration officer for more details. GLOBAL ENTRY Convenience Upon Arrival 146 TSA PRECHECK Ease your entry to the United States with Global Entry, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Trusted Traveler program intended to expedite clearance. Global Entry is available for all preapproved, low-risk travelers at participating airports. Participants enjoy reduced wait times and no paperwork. For more information, visit Experience expedited screening benefits as you ease through security without removing your shoes, belt, or jacket. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has partnered with the U.S. CBP and select airlines to launch a voluntary expedited screening program with a select group of travelers. For more information, visit APRIL 2014

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