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engage Window or Aisle? Chatting with a Frequent Flyer You would expect someone like Brice Adamson, a senior vice president at Enterprise, to know plenty about rental cars. But he’s also quite familiar with airplanes. How often do you travel? Typically every other week for work. It’s usually Tuesday-through-Thursday trips. Why US Airways? Brice’s Travel Tip I OFTEN HEAR PEOPLE WHO TRAVEL FREQUENTLY SAY THEY CAN’T DO CERTAIN THINGS LIKE EXERCISE. DON’T MAKE EXCUSES; FIND A WAY TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE WHEN YOU’RE AWAY FROM HOME. US Airways has the most convenient schedule and best flight times. I lived in Europe for 13 years and often traveled on the Gatwick-toCharlotte route, so there’s a familiarity with the airline, too. Checked bag or carry-on? I carry on almost every time. When I get to the airport, I’m pretty anxious and ready to go. I don’t like to stand in line at baggage claim or for car rental. That’s why I really enjoy National Car Rental’s “bypass the counter” program. [Enterprise Holdings operates the Alamo, Enterprise, and National car rental brands.] Do you have a favorite airport? the airport, so I know I’m close to being home. If you could travel with only three items, what would they be? Exercise clothes, my iPad, and Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts — they’re essential when traveling because you can just roll them up in your suitcase, then shake them out and wear them. Favorite frequent-flyer perk? Saint Louis. I love coming home from the east, crossing the Mississippi River, and seeing the arch. Plus, I live about 10 miles from DIVIDEND MILES Insider ENJOY A SEAMLESS TRAVEL EXPERIENCE WITH THE STAR ALLIANCE NETWORK v Shorter lines at security. Where is one place you’d like to visit? Living in Europe for 13 years and working for Enterprise, I got to travel a lot. Quite a few of my colleagues would go to the Indian Ocean region. I never got there, but I’d love to see it. If you could sit next to anyone on a plane, who would you choose? Throughout your journey, the Star Alliance network is dedicated to providing a convenient, smooth, and efficient worldwide travel experience. Devoted teams continually monitor your inbound and outbound flights to ensure that your transfers are fast, flexible, and reliable enough so that your travel plans remain in place. And, if needed, at selected airports a staff member will meet you at your gate to guide you through the terminal, ensuring you make your transfer on time. You’ve earned it. Visit to find out more. This sounds cheesy, but it’s true — my wife, Julie. And here’s why: If she’s next to me, it means we’re off to have a great time somewhere. Window or aisle? PHOTO COURTESY OF BRICE ADAMSON Window in the morning because I like to get a few extra Zs by leaning my head against the wall. In the evening, I prefer the aisle for extra shoulder room. Are you a US Airways frequent flyer with an interesting story to tell? Email us! 128 AUGUST 2012 Follow us: @USAirwaysMag

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US Airways - August 2012
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US Airways - August 2012