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explore Adventure Time to Play Diving for Dinner From midsummer through September, hunting for Gulf Coast scallops is almost as easy as eating them. By alisson Clark ★ photos (clockwise from bottom) by Alisson clArk (3) And courtesy of plAntAtion on crystAl river You’re gazing down into coastal Florida waters when a pair of bright blue eyes catches your attention. Edging closer, you prepare to make your move, reaching out to scoop up a Florida bay scallop. Those blue eyes — up to 20 pairs in all, arrayed along a scallop’s fan-shaped shell — are often the first things you spot while searching for these Florida delicacies. Catching them is a lot like an underwater Easter egg hunt. Donning a mask and swim fins, you paddle around looking for the telltale glimpse of brilliant blue or a flash of white shell amid the green sea grass. Around you, the 85-degree water is crystal clear with a shimmering turquoise hue. Pop your head above water and you’ll see the red diver-down flags and protruding snorkels of fellow scallopers — hundreds of them on a busy summer weekend — all hoping to catch themselves a dinner of the sweet, succulent shellfish. Scalloping is a favorite summer pastime here in Florida, where the season for scallops runs from July to September. While scalloping itself is in no way difficult (spot scallop, secure scallop, repeat) the preparation can be a bit intimidating for first-timers. It requires not only gathering the necessary supplies (mask, snorkel, fins, fishing license, mesh bag for Scalloping 101 gathering your catch, and a cooler to Unlike rock scallops, which store them) but also a knowledge of have to be cut or pried from their perch, Florida bay scalthe best spots and the tides that lops are free-floating, flitting bring the scallops there, a boat to through the sea grasses. Catching them is as easy as reach them, and the inclination to swimming a few feet to the clean and prepare them. bottom and grabbing them. That’s where the Plantation on Each scallop yields a dimesize chunk of sweet, tender Crystal River comes in. This recently meat with a mild flavor. renovated waterfront resort on the Gulf Coast, 80 miles north of Tampa, makes scalloping easy with its all-inclusive package. Along with a two-night stay in a water-view villa, guests get a guided scalloping tour with all of the equipment and necessities (the charter captain’s fishing license covers passengers). Even better, the resort’s chef will clean and prepare your catch. Daily breakfast in the hotel restaurant, West 82° Bar & Grill, is also included. Our charter captain, Shawn Walker of Salt River augusT 2013 21

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US Airways - August 2013
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Great Escapes: Riu Resorts
Gear Up: Tools to Stay Cool
Travel Feature: Seattle's Outdoor Delights
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US Airways - August 2013