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explore Health Matters It’s Your Body RAPID RECOVERY That’s the goal of Miami Beach Foot & Ankle Surgery. partners, # Dr. Kevin Berkowitz and hisOlivera Dr. Allison Guyen and Dr. Jovic, are the global leaders in stem cell and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy for the knee, ankle, and foot. They have been getting people back on their feet at an unprecedented rate of recovery for more than ten years. What areas of treatment does your practice focus on? We focus on cosmetic reconstruction of the foot, trauma of the foot and ankle, and exciting new innovative non-surgical treatments for arthritis and other disorders of the knee for patients looking to have better outcomes and faster healing times. Describe your leading-edge treatments. We are the industry leaders in utilizing the patient’s own stem cells and growth factors, focusing on regeneration of the patient’s own tissue through non-surgical means and advanced technologies. We measure our success one patient at a time, one step at a time, and our outcomes are fantastic. Dr. Kevin Berkowitz These “smart cells” go inside the injured area and promote growth and regeneration of the body’s own cells to accelerate healing. What’s the challenge in treating the lower extremities? Is there a typical patient that your practice treats? How have these advances changed treatment methods? Stem cell therapy and PRP have added a new dimension to the treatment of lower extremity injuries, wound healing, and chronic arthritis. 46 AUGUST 2013 People from all over the world come to see us in our Miami Beach and Boca Raton Centers looking for alternatives to older techniques in lieu of lengthy and painful surgeries. We treat children and adults of all ages and from all walks of life. MIAMI BEACH FOOT & ANKLE SURGERY Kevin Berkowitz DPM, FACFAS Allison Guyen DPM, FACFAS Olivera Jovic DPM, AACFAS Mount Sinai Medical Center 4308 Alton Road, Suite 840 Miami Beach, FL 305.695.7777 PHOTOS COURTESY OF MIAMI BEACH FOOT & ANKLE SURGERY It’s the only part of the body where you can’t tell someone to go home and stay off it. Our goal is to keep people mobile and active. We aim to rapidly mobilize patients, so they can walk immediately and allow the body to naturally regenerate its own cells and tissues. Stem cells

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of US Airways - August 2013

US Airways - August 2013
Table of Contents
CEO Letter
From the Editor
Did You Know?
Making It Happen
Hot Spots: Architectural Attractions
Wine & Dine: Italy's Gourmet Capital
Adventure: Diving for Dinner
Golf: The Wyndham Championship
Adventure: Drive Time at Bondurant
Great Escapes: Riu Resorts
Gear Up: Tools to Stay Cool
Travel Feature: Seattle's Outdoor Delights
US Airways: Staffing the Skies
Health Matters: Rapid Recovery
Special Section: Historically Black Colleges & Universities
Must Read: The Book of Immortality
Great Dates: Euphoria Festival
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Giving: Pulling Together
Window or Aisle?

US Airways - August 2013