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Did You Know? embark News, Notes, and Inflight Insights Change Is in the Air By Kathryn Clark Don't be concerned when you board your next US Airways flight and step onto a plane bearing an American Airlines paint job - you're boarding the right aircraft. As US Airways and American Airlines continue the integration journey, an essential part of bringing the carriers together is rebranding US Airways aircraft to boast the American Airlines brand and logo. It's not easy to repaint one of these birds. Check out these fast stats to see exactly what it takes to repaint the US Airways fleet in the new American livery. ★ ILLUSTRATION BY INFOMEN 12 Number of steps in the painting process Includes induction, masking for sanding/washing process, washing, sanding, washing to clean areas after sanding, masking for primer and topcoat application, primer application, paint livery application, stenciling and placard process, final tape and paper removal, and final detailing process 2 Number of main stages of the plane-painting process The fuselage, vertical stabilizer (fin-like structure on the tail), and engine nacelles are typically processed at the same time, while the wings and horizontal stabilizers (small lifting surface on the tail) are handled separately. For the livery, the vertical and colors on the aft section of the fuselage are applied first. 80 gallons The approximate amount of paint used to paint the first US Airways Airbus A319 aircraft in its new livery 2 hours How long it takes for the base coat paint to dry 10-14 hours 190-210 gallons How long it takes for the clear coat paint to dry after it is applied to the base coat 13 days The amount of time an aircraft must wait after a major paint color is applied before the plane can enter service More than 45 Rough number of aircraft from both fleets that are scheduled to be repainted in the new American livery The amount of paint needed to paint an Airbus A330-300, which holds 291 seats How long it took to paint the first legacy US Airways Airbus A319 aircraft, which holds 124 seats The number of people involved in the painting process 300-500 pounds How much weight the paint adds to the aircraft 48 hours 450 50-55 Approximate number of planes from both fleets scheduled to be painted in the remainder of 2014 AUGUST 2014 9

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