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explore Must Read An Excerpt from a Great New book A Human Solution We’ve all seen the power of social media as an influence on decision making and as an effective tool in forging human relationships. In The Socialstructed World: Dispatches from a Connected Future, Marina Gorbis makes a clear case for social media as a force to solve problems in government, business, education, medicine, banking, and scientific research. Gorbis is the executive director of the Institute for the Future and consultant to hundreds of organizations. Her book is full of convincing examples and trends where social capital translates to substantive change. —Lance Elko, Editor ChAptEr ONE Putting Social Back into our Economy ★ My mother never heard the term social capital, but she knew its value well. In the Soviet Union, where she lived and where I grew up, no one could survive without it, and she leveraged her social capital on a daily basis. It enabled her to provide a decent life for her family, even though she was a widow without much money, excluded from the privileged class of the Communist Party. We never worried about having enough food. My sister and I always wore fashionable clothes (at least by Soviet standards). We took music and dance lessons. We went to the symphony, attended good schools, and spent summers by the Black Sea. In short, we enjoyed a lifestyle that seemed well beyond our means. How was my mother able to provide all these things on the meager salary of a physician in a government-run clinic in Odessa, Ukraine? Social connections were a powerful currency that flowed through her network of friends and acquaintances, giving her access to many goods and services and enabling our comfortable, if not luxurious, lifestyle. Even when no meat could be found in any store in the city, my mother was able to get it, along with a wealth of other hard-to-find foods, from the director of the supermarket who was the husband of a close colleague of hers. I was accepted into music school because my mother treated the director of the school in her off-hours. We were able to get Western medicines because a friend was the head of a large local pharmacy. Our apartment was always filled with people my mother was counseling, diagnosing, treating, and prescribing medicines for. No money ever changed hands; that was too risky. She had lived through the Copyright © 2013 by Marina Gorbis. From the forthcoming book The Socialstructed World by Marina Gorbis to be published by Free Press, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Printed by permission. photo by bart Nagel DECEmbEr 2012 109

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Table of Contents
CEO Letter
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Making It Happen
Hot Spots: New Year's Eve
Hub Crawl: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Wine & Dine: Holiday Spirits
Wine & Dine: Beaudevin Wine Bar, Charlotte, NC
Adventure: Creek Ranch, Florida
Adventure: Palm Springs Golf
Great Escapes: Universal Orlando® Resort
Gear Up: Gifts for Good
Travel Feature: Into the Yucatán
Mapping It Out: US Airways' Route Planning Department
University Spotlight: University of California, Berkeley
Great Tastes: College Eats
Celebrate Tucson, AZ
Must Read: The Socialstructed World
Special Section: Kentucky
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US Airways - December 2012