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embark From the Editor The Story Behind the Stories Yes, It’s Real # First things first: Happy Holidays! And that means Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Merry Christmas! And to those who wish to be in none of these camps, Happy Winter Solstice. Whatever your druthers, we hope you enjoy the festive mood and good will of the season. We recently received a note from reader Peter M. of White Plains, New York, asking us about truth in reporting. Peter queries, “Do your writers actually visit all the destinations you write about? I know that I can pick any city in any country and search on the Web to find out lots of detailed information, photos, and all kinds of facts. I believe I could write a good travel article without actually traveling. So I’m wondering if you can truthfully say By Lance Elko that all of your travel articles are based on your writers being there.” Well, Peter, the answer is yes — we can promise you that when we present a travel story, our writer was there and well immersed. We could not consider ourselves professional journalists if we were to fake any kind of story. We’re fortunate to have a sizable stable of first-rate freelance writers across the U.S. and Canada, and a few in various European countries. And of this group, most are travel lovers and willing to head out for just about any assignment. In fact, if space allowed, we could double the number of travel stories we run in any issue. Until next time around, enjoy your flight. And, again, we wish you joy and peace this season! COVER PHOTO BY DAVID HANSON Follow us: @USAirwaysMag

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Table of Contents
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Hot Spots: New Year's Eve
Hub Crawl: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Wine & Dine: Holiday Spirits
Wine & Dine: Beaudevin Wine Bar, Charlotte, NC
Adventure: Creek Ranch, Florida
Adventure: Palm Springs Golf
Great Escapes: Universal Orlando® Resort
Gear Up: Gifts for Good
Travel Feature: Into the Yucatán
Mapping It Out: US Airways' Route Planning Department
University Spotlight: University of California, Berkeley
Great Tastes: College Eats
Celebrate Tucson, AZ
Must Read: The Socialstructed World
Special Section: Kentucky
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US Airways - December 2012