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Contents DECEMBER 2013 58 Costa Rica You don't have to be an adrenaline junkie to enjoy this wild, wonderful country. US AIRWAYS TOWER 64 Tower Talk Directing flights from the best seat in the house at Charlotte's busy hub. 66 Free Yourself in Tucson Raise your heart rate and 64 explore this Southwestern fitness mecca. Tower talk embark explore engage Greetings and opening remarks, plus a look behind the scenes at US Airways. Our take on travel, fashion, adventure, gear, food and drink, and more. Your source for airline information, including maps, entertainment guides, and menus. (FROM TOP) ILLUSTRATION BY LARS REHNBERG, PHOTO BY BRIAN GOMSAK. COVER PHOTO BY FRANS LANTING/GALLERY STOCK 6 CEO Letter 9 From the Editor 11 Did You Know? Fascinating plane facts - in pure numbers 12 Making It Happen A day in the life of a baggage handler 15 Hot Spots Vacation memories 17 Hub Crawl Miami International Airport 19 Wine & Dine 12 holiday fizzes, from bargain to luxe 23 Diversions The trend in whole-hog dining 27 Heritage travel 12 US Airways' Tim Brown 30 Style Spotlight Holiday flair for holiday gifts 34 Adventure High Country, North Carolina 38 Outdoor Arizona 41 Dog sledding 47 Gear Up Stocking stuffers 52 Great Escapes Charleston Place, South Carolina 56 Hotel Palomar, Washington, DC 92 Health Matters Miami Beach Foot and Ankle Surgery 96 Must Read I Got Schooled by 117 Your US Airways Guide 118 Video Entertainment 120 Audio Entertainment 122 U.S. and Caribbean Service Map 124 International Service Map 126 Airport Terminal Maps 129 US Airways Fleet/ Customs & Immigration 130 Passenger Info/ Contact US Airways 131 US Airways MarketPlace® 132 Window or Aisle? ELSEWHERE IN THIS ISSUE 94 Charlotte, USA 114 Readers Resource Index COVER: Costa Rican rain forest M. Night Shyamalan 106 Puzzles @USAirwaysMag DECEMBER 2013 1

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Table of Contents
CEO Letter
From the Editor
Did You Know?
Making It Happen
Hot Spots: Vacation Memories
Hub Crawl: Miami International Airport
Wine & Dine: Holiday Fizz
Diversions: Going Whole Hog
Diversions: Time Travel
Style Spotlight: Holiday Bling
Adventure: North Carolina's High Country
Adventure: Arizona Story
Adventure: Sled Dog Racing
Gear Up: Stocking Stuffers
Great Escapes: Charleston Place Hotel
Great Escapes: Hotel Palomar in Washington, DC
Travel Feature: Costa Rica
US Airways: Tower Talk
Celebrate Tucson, AZ
Health Matters: Miami Foot and Ankle Surgery
Charlotte, USA
Must Read: I Got Schooled
Readers Resource Index
Your US Airways Guide
Video Entertainment
Audio Entertainment
U.S. and Caribbean Service Map
International Service Map
Airport Terminal Maps
US Airways Fleet/Customs & Immigration
Passenger Info/Contact US Airways
US Airways MarketPlace®
Window or Aisle?

US Airways - December 2013