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explore Wine & Dine Taste, Savor, Enjoy Holiday Fizz From bargain to luxe, there's enough sparkle to go around. by Nick Passmore ★ illustration by traci Daberko Now, be honest, do you really need a partridge in a pear tree? And where are you going to put those seven swimming swans? Of course, the 12 gifts my true love gave to me are pretty and whimsical. But wouldn't you prefer 12 bottles of Champagne and other wines-a-sparkling to celebrate the holidays? I certainly would. Anyway, swans can be awfully bad tempered. My favorite sparkling wines fall into three categories. The best, and by far the most expensive, are the tête de cuvée (top edition) Champagnes. These don't necessarily come from the big-name houses that most of us are familiar with. Champagne is sold more like spirits than other wines, with the large producers lavishing money on elaborate marketing and advertising campaigns. Unfortunately the product doesn't always live up to the hype, and some of my favorite Champagnes are made by smaller, lesser-known producers. The two other types of fizz I enjoy come from the lower end of the price scale. The first are California sparklers, many from the American outposts of famous Champagne houses. The second type is Crémant d'Alsace - sparkling wines made by the traditional Champagne method in the Alsace region of France. So forget about those 12 noisy drummers drumming. Turn the page for 12 festive recom- mendations to get your holidays sparkling. Nick Passmore is a contributing editor who writes from New York City. For more on Nick's takes, visit ➺ Nick's sparkly recommendations DECEmbEr 2013 19

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Great Escapes: Hotel Palomar in Washington, DC
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