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explore Going Whole Hog Nose-to-tail butchering is the new old trend in meat. by Scott morris The organic food movement and its country cousin the local food movement are by now firmly rooted in American food culture. Organic and local produce abounds in major chain grocery stores and in better restaurants across the nation. While these movements have yielded tasty results, sometimes they get a little out of hand. You can be in, say, a trendy Manhattan foodie spot and the fresh squash from upstate New York fails to impress certain diners because it isn't local enough. And even if it were local enough, some patrons wouldn't order it without first asking for the particular farmer's name, along with his astrological sign and a list of the books currently on his nightstand. Jokes aside, the success of these movements rests on serious principles. Local and organic ★ Diversions IllustratIon by mIchael wItte; photo courtesy of cypress produce, advocates say, is more healthful and tasty and also benefits the local economy and environment. This is food that's grown, harvested, and prepared with great care. By the time an heirloom tomato gets to your table, it's bursting with love. To which carnivores have something to say: What about the bacon? Well, get ready. A burgeoning local, organic, artisan, and utterly mouthwatering meat movement is gaining ground. Butcher shops, once the only source for fresh meat, are making a comeback. Local cattle and pig farmers are becoming less lonely, and chickens are flying the coop and going free-range. Craig Deihl, executive chef at Cypress in Charleston, South Carolina, and two-time nominee for the Pursuits of Pleasure Below: craig deihl, cypress executive chef december 2013 23

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Diversions: Going Whole Hog
Diversions: Time Travel
Style Spotlight: Holiday Bling
Adventure: North Carolina's High Country
Adventure: Arizona Story
Adventure: Sled Dog Racing
Gear Up: Stocking Stuffers
Great Escapes: Charleston Place Hotel
Great Escapes: Hotel Palomar in Washington, DC
Travel Feature: Costa Rica
US Airways: Tower Talk
Celebrate Tucson, AZ
Health Matters: Miami Foot and Ankle Surgery
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