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Health Matters explore It's Your Body ADVANCES IN CELL THERAPY At the Advanced PRP and Stem Cell Center of Miami Beach and Boca Raton, Dr. Kevin Berkowitz accelerates the healing process. into the PRP # Step Center ofAdvancedBeachand Stem Cell Miami and Boca Raton, where chief medical officer Dr. Kevin Berkowitz treats patients with leading-edge cell therapies in lieu of lengthy and invasive surgeries. Dr. Berkowitz and his partners, Dr. Allison Guyen and Dr. Olivera Jovic, have long been the global leaders in stem cell and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy for the knee, ankle, and foot. How does PRP therapy work to heal patients? From start to finish, the entire PRP treatment takes less than an hour. Best of all, internal clinical trials have yielded a 95 percent positive outcome after PRP therapy. What is stem cell therapy and who are the ideal candidates for this treatment? Stem cell therapy works by sending these "smart cells" into the body to target and fix what's broken. Patients with meniscal tears, ankle ligament tears, acute or chronic tendonitis, open non-healing wounds, or fractures find relief with stem cell therapy. What are the main benefits of stem cell therapy? Stem cell therapy is a cuttingedge way for the body to accelerate the healing of injuries and have patients back on their feet faster than traditional treatments. Who is the average Miami Beach Foot and Ankle patient? Dr. Kevin Berkowitz 92 DECEMBER 2013 There is no average patient. At our Advanced Stem Cell Center of Miami Beach and Boca Raton, we treat children of all ages, athletes in all sports, and people from all walks of life. ADVANCED PRP AND STEM CELL CENTER OF MIAMI BEACH AND BOCA RATON Kevin Berkowitz DPM, FACFAS Allison Guyen DPM, FACFAS Olivera Jovic DPM, AACFAS Mount Sinai Medical Center 4308 Alton Road, Suite 840 Miami Beach, FL 305.695.7777 200 Glades Road, Suite 2 Boca Raton, FL 1.855.900.STEM PHOTOS (FROM TOP) GLOBALSTOCK/ISTOCK AND COURTESY OF MIAMI BEACH FOOT & ANKLE SURGERY PRP therapy potentiates the body's own natural healing response. Platelets secrete growth factors naturally found in our bloodstream; we draw a small vial of blood from our patients and isolate the PRP, then inject it at the site of acute injury or chronic disease. This therapy gets to the affected area in greater concentration than your body would on its own and thus speeds the healing process. What are the main benefits of PRP therapy?

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