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explore Heart of the Matter Deep inside the odd-looking artichoke is a world of flavor prized by top chefs and cooks everywhere. By Lynn Coulter ★ PHOTOBY DENIRA777 Not every vegetable gets a movie star's endorsement. There are no fancy clubs for muskmelons or radishes. And the humble turnips, whose root looks more like a dirty softball than something edible, seldom gets any glory. Then there are artichokes. Hidden under this vegetable's olive-green petals lie the delicious, hairy hearts craved by members of the Artichokes Club - and a lot of other people. (Actually, the layer over the heart, called the Diversions Pursuits of Pleasure "choke," is more fibrous than hairy. Try to eat it, and you'll see how it got its name.) It's the heart, the unopened flower buds of thistle plants, that's sought-after by cooks, gourmands, and everyone else who enjoys its mild but hard-todescribe taste. You might even mistake artichokes for alien pods. Strange, indeed. Pat Hopper, manager of the California Artichoke Advisory Board, knows her favorite veggies have a slight PR problem, CLOSE UP something early growers tackled by asking a fledgling movie star to endorse For agricultural tours or more information on their prickly crop. Salinas or Monterey County, visit: "Marilyn Monroe was the first artiCALIFORNIA ARTICHOKE choke queen in 1948," Hopper says. ADVISORY BOARD "She'd had only minor roles then, but when she visited Salinas in California, PEZZINI FARMS the growers there invited her to lunch THE FARM and put a sash on her and artichokes in her hands." AG VENTURE TOURS Farmers discovered that artichokes AGRICULTURAL & RURAL flourished in the Salinas Valley in the LIFE MUSEUM (KING CITY) 1920s. Soon, it was dubbed the "Salad DECEMBER 2014 47

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Table of Contents
Perspective: CEO Letter
From the Editor
Making It Happen
Style Spotlight: Gifts
Connections: Everybody's Business
Great Escapes: La Quinta Resort & Club
Great Escapes: Lone Star Court
Great Escapes: 21C Museum Hotel
Great Escapes: Nada's Italy Tours
Adventure: Volcanoes and Lattes
Gear Up: Stocking Stuffers
Gear Up: Weather Glass
Diversions: Cabarrus County, NC
Diversions: Christmas in Myrtle Beach, SC
Diversions: Artichokes
Getaway: Harbor View Inn
Getaway: Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel
Getaway: Sonoma County Wine Country
Great Tastes: Sol Mexican Cocina
Charlotte USA: Workplaces of Tomorrow
The Arts: ArtistWorks
The Arts: Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery
The Arts: National Museum of Women in the Arts
Wine & Dine: San Antonio, TX
Wine & Dine: U.S. Olive Oils
Travel Feature: An Insider's Guide to Tokyo
Special Section: Hilton Head, SC
University Spotlight: Christopher Newport University
To Your Health: ALS
Special Section: San Francisco + Sonoma Wine Country
Down To Business: Sport Clips
Gatherings: Grandover Resort and Conference Center
Best of Health: Miami Beach Foot Surgery
Special Section: Visit Florida
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