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engage Passenger Info Contact US! Security US Airways and the nation’s items that may be taken through the security checkpoint. If you are unsure about a particular item, see a complete list of permitted and prohibited items at On the TSA website you can view security checkpoint wait times and other useful information. You can also check the US Airways website at for security-related travel tips. Hazardous Materials Many common items used in the home or workplace might seem harmless. However, when transported by air they can be dangerous and are prohibited. During flight, variations in temperature and pressure can cause items to leak, generate toxic fumes, or even start a fire. Federal law prohibits the carriage of hazardous materials aboard aircraft. Explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives, and radioactive material are hazardous and prohibited. Some examples include paints, lighter fluids, fireworks, tear gas, oxygen bottles, and pepper spray. If you are unsure whether the item you want to pack in your luggage is hazardous, please contact US Airways at 800-428-4322. Electronic Equipment Please do not use portable televisions, radio transmitters, or remote control toys inside the aircraft. Other portable electronic devices may be used except at taxi, takeoff, and landing, when they must be turned off and properly stowed. As a courtesy to our customers, we request that all passengers use headsets for any audible portable electronic devices. Please also be considerate of other passengers’ sensitivities and the proximity of minors when choosing your personal video entertainment. In addition, cellular phones may be used while the aircraft is parked at the gate, and after landing while taxiing to the gate, as advised by the flight crew. They must be turned off and stowed at all other times. Bluetooth or wireless devices are not permitted for use in flight. Gogo® Inflight Internet is available on Airbus A321 aircraft. Look for a card with information in your seat-back pocket and listen for your flight attendant to announce when you’ve reached 10,000 feet and can go online. Fees for full Internet access vary by flight length and device used. Access to is free. Telephone service is available on our Airbus A330 aircraft for a $5 set-up fee and $9.95 per Permitted and Prohibited Items and Security Wait Times The TSA has listed airports are working together with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the TSA, and other federal and local law enforcement agencies to implement security measures to keep all passengers and crewmembers safe. Be aware of the activities around you. Any suspicious activity should be immediately reported to an airline representative or law enforcement personnel. CONTACT US AIRWAYS Make a reservation, check flight status, become a Dividend Miles member, and book award travel at Book a flight from Europe in your local currency and language. Visit /worldwide for a complete listing. From the U.S. and Canada Domestic travel 800-428-4322 International travel 800-622-1015 TTY 800-245-2966 From Europe and the Middle East Austria 0810-00-11-72 Belgium 07-815-00-26 France 0810-63-22-22 Germany 0800-7236-421 Greece 008-0044-143-810 Ireland 1890-925-065 Israel 03-7548-400 Italy 8488-13177 Netherlands 0900-202-1156 Portugal 808-20-09-58 Spain 901-11-70-73 Sweden 0850-163-427 Switzerland 0844-805213 United Kingdom 0845-600-3300 minute. From the Caribbean and Latin America Aruba 800-1580 All Caribbean locations except Aruba 800-622-1015 Belize 800-622-1015 Brazil 0800-761-1114 Costa Rica 0-800-011-0793 Mexico 800-428-4322 tened at all times while seated, even if the captain turns off the “fasten seat belt” sign. Alcoholic Beverages Per FAA regulations, no person may be permitted to board an aircraft if they appear to be intoxicated. Alcohol may not be consumed on board unless provided and served by a crewmember. All on-board, alcoholrelated disturbances will be reported to the FAA for possible investigation. Smoking Smoking and smokeless tobacco devices such as electronic cigarettes are prohibited at all times on all US Airways flights. Seat Belts Please keep your seat belt fas- Other helpful contacts Baggage 800-371-4771 Dividend Miles 800-428-4322 US Airways Club 800-828-8522 US Airways Vacations 800-455-0123 US Airways Visa® 866-583-1820 US Airways MasterCard® 866-419-0881 .com, or contact US Airways Reservations at Baggage: Domestic and International Flights Please visit our website at usairways 800-428-4322 for weight, size, and any international-travel restrictions. Carry-on baggage is limited to one piece of luggage and one personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop, or infant bag). Carry-on baggage must not exceed 45 linear inches and a maximum weight of 40 pounds per bag, is subject to space availability and government limitations, must fit either under a seat or in an overhead bin, and must be properly stowed before the cabin door is closed. Heavy carry-on items such as laptops may not be placed in the seat-back pockets; these pockets are designed to hold lightweight material. Wheelchairs, strollers, and child car seats will be checked at the gate using a “special handling” tag. Customer Relations /contact or (fax) 480-693-2300 4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85034 Come work with US. Visit /careers. US Airways is dedicated to advocating and ensuring a positive travel experience for our customers with disabilities. If you need assistance, please see a representative or visit usairways .com/specialneeds for more information. If you use a manual wheelchair and would like to stow it in the cabin on your next flight, please make your request at the gate and plan to preboard. US Airways offers this service on a firstcome, first-served basis on all aircraft with more than 100 seats. Passengers with Special Needs Connect with US: /USAirways /USAirways 168 FEBRUARY 2013

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US Airways - February 2013
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Best of Living: The Reef Residences at Atlantis
Williamsburg: Rediscovering the Revolutionary City
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US Airways - February 2013