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Making It Happen embark Teamwork in Action at 30,000 Feet A US Airways flight crew helped save the life of an American Airlines employee's family member. Behind the Scenes of Your Flight Jennifer McLaughlin-Bell Edgar Moya Steven F. Smith II Karen Dallons By Tara Titcombe Michael Arnow On September 20, 2013, an ordinary flight from Dallas to Phoenix turned extraordinary, thanks to the valiant efforts of the flight crew. The US Airways crew working on Flight 654 sprang into action to save the life of passenger Ray Jensen, who happened to be the father-in-law of an American Airlines employee. As the aircraft began its initial descent into Phoenix, passengers seated near Jensen alerted the crew that he seemed to have gone into cardiac arrest. "We remembered this passenger because he was so friendly during the boarding process," recalls Edgar Moya, a US Airways flight attendant. Steven F. Smith II, a flight attendant who is also a deputy sheriff in Texas, was seated in the extra jump seat to commute to Phoenix and begin his flight duties. He rushed to start manual CPR while other crew members retrieved the onboard lifesaving equipment - a defibrillator and the enhanced # THE CREW OF FLIGHT 654 Flight Attendants: Edgar Moya, Michael Arnow, Karen Dallons, Jennifer McLaughlinBell, and Steven F. Smith II Pilots: Captain Edward Pierson Jr., First Officer Yohannes Negussie 12 FEBRUARY 2014 emergency medical kit - and paged for medical personnel on board to assist. Two trained medical professionals responded to the call and assisted the crew in performing CPR. "Every second counted, and every second mattered," says Moya, who notified the captain of the onboard emergency. After landing, paramedics met the plane and rushed Jensen to the hospital. "We know that safety is our priority, and we train for these scenarios. That morning it all worked so well," Moya says. "We were all in sync. I could not have been prouder of our crew." Jensen has since recovered, and his doctors told him that his happy ending is thanks to the quick actions of those on board. He wrote a thank-you note to the crew and to the medical professionals who were on board, for their life-saving efforts. "It's rare that any one of us or a group of us can state that we saved someone's life," he wrote. "You did."

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