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BEST OF HEALTH Most Effective, Least Invasive That's the mantra of the spine surgeons at Desert Institute for Spine Care. D r. Anthony Yeung is a board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon who specializes in treating back pain and sciatica due to degenerative conditions of the lumbar spine, such as herniated discs and spinal stenosis. He is an internationally renowned endoscopic spine surgeon, the first to use an endoscopic laser for degenerative conditions, and he developed the FDA-approved Yeung Endoscopic Spine System (YESS™). He and the team of doctors at Desert Institute for Spine Care (DISC) offer the full spectrum of spine care for neck and back pain. What drives people to seek out the spine surgeons at DISC? How did the invention of the knee scope relate to your pioneering a spine scope? 92 FEBRUARY 2014 Why are you so passionate about spine surgery? My passion began when I realized that I could identify the source of spinal pain by operating on patients under sedation. I was able to improve or resolve the patient's pain without major surgery, so I dedicated myself to finding new treatments. If a patient needs traditional surgery, we offer the full spectrum from pain management, to minimally invasive surgery (MIS), to traditional open procedures for both back and neck pain. We must consider each patient individually and give them the best options. What if a patient is told they have Failed Back Surgery Syndrome or they are not a candidate for traditional surgery, such as fusion? These are probably the most complex consultations. There are MIS methods that decompress and ablate the source of pain, rather than traditional surgery. The answer is dependent on the surgeon's expertise, experience, and training in performing MIS procedures. We explain it the best on our website, backed up by unsolicited patient testimonials and solid outcomes. Anthony Yeung MD Christopher Yeung MD Justin Field MD Nima Salari MD Locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Gilbert, AZ | 602.944.2900 Toll Free: 866.944.2200 PHOTO BY SEBASTIAN KAULITZKI/THINKSTOCK Patients with a positive surgical outcome refer others, and many people search the Internet to learn about our team of surgeons. They want access to the least invasive, yet most effective treatments, accurately finding the source of their pain, then resolving it. I was trained during the evolving period of joint arthroscopy and replacement. Fusion was a salvage procedure. I felt that the endoscope access to the spine could be just as effective in treating spinal pain. My mother was disabled by traditional spine surgery, so I was motivated to find a better solution for her condition.

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