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embark Did You Know? News, Notes, and Inflight Insights How is a cabin pressurized? ★ Cabins must be pressurized so that passengers can breathe as easily at high altitudes as they do on the ground. All cabin air comes from the plane’s engines, which take in outside air, compress it, and direct some of it into the plane’s air conditioning system. The compressed air is filtered and pushed into the cabin. An outflow valve near the back of the plane opens and closes to regulate air flow and cabin pressure. A computer system maintains pressurization levels similar to those between 6,000 and 8,000 feet above sea level. And the cabin air is refreshed every three minutes. ? Who chooses the inflight movies? How do the oxygen masks work? illustrations by nigel holmes oxygen masks automatically deploy if cabin pressure is lost at an altitude higher than 14,000 feet. the masks throughout the cabin are stored in what are called passenger service units, located directly above your seat. each unit includes enough masks for the row, plus an additional one for a lap child or a flight attendant in the aisle. Passenger service units also include their own chemical oxygen generator, which supplies the oxygen that flows through the masks. oxygen masks are also located in the galley areas and near the lavatories to make sure that all flight attendants and passengers have quick access. the flight deck is equipped with oxygen units containing quickdonning masks for the pilots. US Airways’ onboardproducts department receives new movies from film studios every month. The department determines which movies to show on the overhead monitors and which ones to offer as ondemand features on seatback screens. Overhead video is offered on flights to and from Europe, Hawaii, and South America; video on demand is available on flights to and from Europe, the Middle East, and South America. The department makes sure that there’s an even mix of comedy, action, and drama each month. With this variety of movies, there’s always something for everyone. jaNuary 2013 13

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US Airways - January 2013
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US Airways - January 2013