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Pursuits of

Fresh as
You Please
Farmers’ markets are drawing
big crowds — and for several
reasons you might not expect.
By Scott jones


photos courtesy of Downtown Des Moines farMers’ Market

The markets are up — way up. In fact,
they’re booming. While money and goods
are exchanged and trading floors are buzzing with
activity, the only pinstripes you’ll find at these
markets are those woven into a farmer’s overalls.
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture,
between 2011 and 2012 the increase in the number
of farmers’ markets was just a tick shy of 10 percent,
a strong gain in any market. What’s more, the most
recent edition of the USDA’s National Directory of
Farmers Markets lists nearly
8,000 around the country (up
from less than 1,800 when the
agency first tracked the number in 2004).
So what’s behind this
growth? Kelly Foss, longtime
director of the Downtown
Farmers’ Market in Des
Moines, Iowa, believes people’s
desire for more access to
locally produced food and
a deeper connection to their
respective communities are
primary drivers. “I see so many
families creating that special connection when they
put money in a farmer’s hand — the very farmer
who grew their food,” she says. “Farmers’ markets
are really helping folks understand and respect the
value of buying local and what they’re getting versus
buying something cheaper at the grocery store.”
Foss is quick to point out, however, that the
needs of today’s shoppers are, in many ways, very
different from those just ten years ago. “It used to be

that when people went to the farmers’ market they
knew what they wanted and how to cook it,” she says.
“That’s no longer the case. People live very busy lives
and are basically out of touch with their food. We’ve
developed programming that invites and encourages
the entire family to share in the market excitement
— from cooking classes for adults to pairing chefs
with kids to create healthy snacks and suppers. This
is a trend happening all over the country.”

Above: scenes
from the
Market in Des
Moines, Iowa

july 2013


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