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Adventure explore Waves of Change An avid golfer, runner, and skier takes to the ocean to see if he can hang ten. By Larry Olmsted ★ PHOTO BY MATHEW MILONE/RINCON SURF SCHOOL It's impossible to stand on a surfboard and ride it all the way into shore without wearing your biggest smile. Some force of nature stretches your face into an ear-to-ear grin. It only takes one ride to understand why it was surfing's culture that popularized terms like stoked, amped, gnarly, and sick. It's as if more obvious word choices like "fun" just didn't do the experience justice. Surfing is an anomaly among action sports for its utter lack of practicality. Most other active pursuits - from skiing, cycling, kayaking, and windsurfing to more esoteric options such as dogsledding or skijoring - began by fulfilling a basic need for transportation. Not so for surfing, which was created entirely for pleasure. And ever since the sport began, it has remained wonderfully useless, with no pretense of purpose other than joy. Having split my life between the urban jungle and the mountains, devoting my outdoor recreation to skiing, cycling, running, and golf, the ocean has always been a great unknown to me, but also a powerful mystery. While I've done my fair share of scuba diving, the undersea world, bereft of waves, is far removed from the turbulent surface, the shoreline, and the powerful hydraulic forces that compel millions of people around the globe to balance on slim fiberglass boards. I've long been fascinated with surfing culture, have enjoyed documentaries like Step Into Liquid, and have seen many fellow skiers and golfers spend off-seasons in pursuit of waves. I've always wanted to try it, which is how I ended up in Nicaragua. Time to Play Surfing at Rincon Surf School, Puerto Rico ***** When avid angler Carlos Pellas saw Guacalito de la Isla for the first time from his fishing boat, he didn't know anything about the world-class surf break off its beach. What caused his jaw to drop was the beauty of this pristine Pacific coastline, a wide sandy beach backed by lush mountains rising JULY 2014 37

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Hot Spots: Best Wellness Retreats
Great Escapes: Sea Pines Resort, South Carolina
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Wine & Dine: Edible Spirits
Style Spotlight: Patriotic Pride
Gear Up: Summer Play
Getaway: Sugar Mountain, North Carolina
Adventure: Surf School
Connections: Everybody's Business
Travel Feature: Athens, Greece
Florida Panhandle Shipwreck Trail
Chefs Tell
Down to Business
Special Section: Vibrant San Diego
To Your Health: Joint Revitalization
Special Section: North Carolina's High Country
Best of Health: Miami Foot & Ankle Surgery
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